The line has been long crossed and the curse is Tory


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,427

Sunday 08 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It’s a curious juxtaposition; Lynton Crosby knighted for services to dirty politics by an unelected head of state and Sadiq Khan becoming Mayor of London on the biggest personal democratic mandate in British political history.

Bizarrely Sadiq Khan was also the target of the dirtiest election campaign in UK history by Lynton Crosby’s team of purveyors of political filth.

Jemima Goldsmith, sister of Zac Goldsmith, front man in the campaign against Khan, publicly criticised the appalling campaign and was reported as saying it ‘did not reflect the type of person she knows him to be’. Maybe so, but then the best we can say of Goldsmith is that he acted in a spineless and contemptible manner.

In the MailOnline Goldsmith wrote, ‘London stands on the brink of a catastrophe, the shockwaves from which would be felt across the country’, above a picture of the remains of a bus destroyed in the 7/7 London bombings. He went on, ‘As a beacon of freedom, diversity and prosperity throughout the ages, London will always be in the cross-hairs of pan-European terror movements’. You could almost taste the implied bomb threat being masterminded by Khan.

Hidden in the background of the elections we learnt the following. Nicky Morgan U-turned on forced acadamisation, until she can find a sneakier way to do it, I suppose. Jeremy Hunt has agreed to suspend the imposition of the junior doctors contract and to talk; seeing will be believing. G4S has fouled up again, against claims of staff assaulting children, Medway Young Offenders Institute will come under government control. How many foul up’s does it take to stop you using and abusing our tax money as a cash cow for private companies?

Using UN data the Food Foundation thinktank reports that more than 8 million people in Britain struggle to put enough food on their tables. You know, the right to life is not an abstract idea; without the means of survival then the right to life is being openly abused and austerity is a human rights issue especially given that we can seemingly afford to give tax breaks to the wealthy and for corporations. Austerity has always been an ideologically driven imposition aimed exclusively at the poor for which people are paying with their lives.

There is a line, Mr Cameron, and it was crossed so far back it’s out of sight, but thankfully not out of mind. Since 2010 you have served Britain with malicious intent and you and your government are corrupt to the core.

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