Staggering into the realms of the berserk & deranged


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,430

Wednesday 11 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I’m mindful of the old Chinese curse, ‘may you live in interesting times’, and here we are. Poor old Britain is in a parlous state as is the government which purports to run her.

You really are staggering from one catastrophe to the next. Stephen Crabb is setting us up for the next cull of the poor by starving them, or ‘changing things for the better’, as he puts it. Nicky Morgan is doing a seeming U-turn, but she’ll just continue to destabilise schools until they have no choice but to become academies. Jeremy Hunt is in a class of his own, siphoning the life blood from our NHS and privatising everything he can lay his filthy hands on. He also continues to believe he’s right about the ‘weekend effect’, whilst nothing of the sort exists.

We’ve got the ridiculous spectacle of your party wrestling in the mud and filth over Europe and Katie Hopkins threatening to run down Regent Street stark naked with a sausage up her rear end. She Tweeted that she is actually going to do it, saying, “I am a woman of my word”, true that, usually pure filth.  Class, real class.

I’m not sure where George is, he’s been pretty quiet lately. His long term economic plan seems to have everything but any kind of actual plan about it, unless, like everything your government does, a punitive disaster of an economy is the plan. Is he in rehab?

During a speech in London Iain Duncan Smith claimed, “The EU has become a force for social injustice. The EU isn’t working for over-regulated small businesses, and lower-paid Britons”, leading Lord Cashman to Tweet, “Ian Duncan Smith as the fairy God mother to the poor staggers into the realms of the berserk & deranged.” I have nothing to add to that.

And then there’s you winding us up with the spectre of WWIII. My god, it’s all looking peachy.

Saving the best till last though, ITV4 reports you being overheard telling her Maj, at a bash to mark her 90th birthday, there are some “fantastically corrupt” countries coming to the UK anti-corruption summit on Thursday. It says much for her robust good health that the Queen didn’t die laughing given that you are hosting the event.

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