Jeremy Hunt’s ‘footprints’ scam, putting the boot in to our NHS


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,441

Sunday 22 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The latest NHS scam dreamt up by Jeremy Hunt and NHS boss, Simon Stevens, ex 10 year employee of global health firm UnitedHealth, is called ‘footprints’. This scam has all the hallmarks of out and out piracy rather than looking after the health of the nation.

Apparently Stevens has ‘told local health bosses that they must come up with a plan by 30th June to completely clear their massive shortfalls – within a year’. If they fail to do this, he has threatened that no further financial help (sic) will be available and that they risk losing their jobs, to be replaced  by ‘other’ organisations. Presumably more pirates.

Just to clear this up for the terminally stupid, our publicly owned and funded NHS is not a business and has no profit margins. The only way that a state funded organisation, which is being financially strangled to death by your government, can clear the funding shortfall imposed upon it by Hunt, is to cut, close and flog off anything that doesn’t move. Even as I write the pirates and vultures will be circling ready to pick over the remains of our once world class NHS (no reflection on those who work so hard to maintain it).

The so called ‘financial help’ that Stevens refers to is NHS core funding, it is its life blood. The shortfalls Stevens is so concerned about are the ones imposed by Hunt, it’s like blaming a child who is dying of starvation for not eating food after it has been stolen from her by unscrupulous thugs.

A publicly owned and funded organisation will die if its funds are cut. Who knew? That is exactly what you are doing to our NHS, wilfully, deliberately and with malicious intent to pave the way for pirates to take over our NHS and trouser our taxes as profit. It’s a double whammy, we lose the NHS we built and paid for and our taxes are further plundered to pay for a reduced private service, and/or an unaffordable health insurance rip off for a reduced private service (triple whammy), to increase the wealth of fat cats who doubtless stash their ill gotten gains in tax havens.

It’s daylight robbery, stealing our money and health from right under our noses. As angry as that makes me, that isn’t the worst of it, the worst of it is the lies, the arrogance, the smarmy voiced, smiling, deceit that drips out of every word from a bunch of rich over privileged thugs for whom health care is a done deal. Those who will never know want inflict want and suffering on those who can least bear it. That is yours and Hunt’s and Stevens dirty little game and it is rotten to the core. ‘Footprints’ is a curious choice of word unless Hunt is seeking to mock us as he puts the boot in, auctioning our lives for profit and stealing our health services.

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