Huge corporate welfare and starving public services to death


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,444

Wednesday 25 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Our NHS is a not for profit organisation, although it does increasingly generate income from private health care, however, any funding crisis in our NHS is not because of failure in its diligence (ask any of the private patients who gladly use it), it is due to being starved of funds.

Corporate welfare is somewhere around £90 billion a year to private companies whose central purpose is to make a profit for shareholders. In 2012 Amazon received more in government grants that it paid in taxes, thanks to its creative use of tax avoidance. We can also cheerfully throw in the bankers bailout to really get a grasp on the generosity of your government, robbing the public to support private enterprise.

Corporate welfare is about political choices made by George Osborne, as such it is his choice to support private enterprise over public services, like our NHS, fire, police and ambulances, teachers, flood defences and so on.

Jeremy Hunt and his NHS boss Simon Stevens are threatening dire consequences if local NHS bosses do not clear their massive shortfalls within a year, shortfalls it must be noted imposed by… oh hell, I’m not going to do all the bloody work for you, just have a damned guess.

So just to lay out government funding choices in incredibly simple terms: private enterprise – shed loads of cash, public services – being starving to death.

Small wonder you had no hope to offer 11-year-old Ben Baddeley when he wrote to you after his treatment was cancelled due to Tory cuts. You couldn’t even meet him for a few moments when he came to Downing street to deliver a further letter asking for your help. Hardly surprising really, when the honest answer to his plea is that the wilful underfunding of our NHS is all part of your governments plans to privatise our NHS and Ben is just a statistical casualty along the way.

There is no shortage of money, it’s all about the transfer of public wealth into private pockets. I can put it no better than how writer and activist Marcus Chown expressed it in a Tweet, “Cameron’s transfer of wealth from poor to rich not only immoral, makes no economic sense. Poor spend in economy. Rich put money tax havens.” Are you man enough to tell young Ben the truth? Not hardly…

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