The cartoon capers of a complete Hunt


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,445

Thursday 26 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I’ve just had a silly thought, have you ever noticed how much Jeremy Hunt resembles Dick Dastardly? Far be it for me to bring a much loved cartoon character into disrepute, but they are almost perfect likenesses, not just in looks (allowing for the cartoonists creative flair), but in character. All that low cunning and determination to win, no matter what carnage is created in the meantime.

Consultants, London Economics, are predicting a 6% drop in demand for healthcare courses, a loss of 2,100 places and a £57 million hit to universities next year due to Jeremy Hunt scrapping student bursaries.

An inevitable consequence of this vandalism by Hunt is that NHS Trusts will be faced with increased spending on agency staff and overseas recruitment to deliver any kind of health service to the nation.

Student loans amount to little more than a work tax on future earnings, reducing life chances and the opportunity for people to better themselves and, of course, the country, in the process.

Hunt and his Muttley, Simon Stevens, are demanding that health bosses balance their books within the year whilst doing everything in their power to prevent them from doing any such thing. Gosh, one can almost detect a fiendish plot emerging to bring our NHS to its knees for an undeclared nefarious purpose. Whatever could it be?

If bosses don’t manage the impossible task confronting them they face the sack to be replaced by ‘other – unspecified – organisations’. Given that there are no organisations within the NHS who could step in, who or what could they be? Hmmm. I am getting a glimmer here, a little guessy percolating in my noddle. PRIVATE ORGANISATIONS! Wooo. Vultures on a feeding frenzy.

It is to be hoped  that, like his cartoon counterpart, Hunt is pipped at the post in spectacular style by the triumph of protesters left with nothing to lose and everything to go for to bring the villain, his dog and their dirty little ruses down. Our NHS is far too precious to be dished out to predators who are after a fast buck from the public purse and gambling our lives on the market is a complete and utter obscenity. Unlike his cartoon counterpart, it is to be hoped that Hunt can be consigned to the dustbin of history as soon as is humanly possible.

Plans to scrap student bursaries may cost the NHS more not less, says new report

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