Scamming an entire nation, the Tories, corporate pimps


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,446

Friday 27 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Despite a modest rise in tax receipts the future is still far from rosy under George Osborne’s long term economic plan which is long on long and short on results, having borrowed more than all Labour governments put together and doubling the nations debt.

Odd though, don’t you think, that he can somehow find £93 billion support for businesses yet there is no money to support low paid workers, disabled people, our NHS, frontline services and so on.

The entire bill for the NHS for 2015/16 was £116.4 billion. The NHS is Britain biggest employer looking after the health of an entire nation 24/7, yet it is falling apart for want of funding.

Corporate welfare does not compare to NHS core funding, nor does it compare in terms of national responsibility. Osborne is making choices between aiding private businesses which have no responsibility to the public nor the public to them and public services which are dependent on our tax money for core funding and exist to benefit all, including the private sector.

This is the problem with your fabricated austerity. You are using it to undermine every state apparatus which gives support to the people, even whilst siphoning off public funds into private pockets. Austerity is a grand scam, hatched up to shrink the state and to take people’s hard earned cash, delivered to government coffers as taxation, and to pass it straight into the hands of private profiteers.

Jeremy Hunt claims to want a 24/7 NHS which already exists and has gone to extraordinary lengths to create as much fear and confusion as possible. In April he clarified his position saying, “there is concern that the government may want to see all NHS services operating 7 days. Let me be clear: our plans are not about elective care but about improving the consistency of urgent and emergency care at evenings and weekends.” His plan is supposedly to improve existing service and had he done his damned job he could have quietly got on with support for training, recruitment and supply and heralded a triumph. He has done everything but.

This is your grand Tory project, to undermine every part of the state, to reduce it to a state of chaos at the cost of countless lives, jobs and the very fabric of public life and privatise the lot. There was never any necessity involved, it was always a robbery, wilfully, deceitfully and maliciously orchestrated. Grand theft Tory, the real deal.

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