Class warfare – slash and burn the poor


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,456

Monday 06 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Class warfare is alive and well in Britain today.

Let’s remember that when the bankers imploded the global economy they were rewarded with bailouts of such magnitude that national economies were threatened and ordinary people are still reaping the rewards for their generosity through imposed privation, starvation and death.

As I recall, only one banker in the UK was sacked after the crash, Fred (The Shred) Goodwin. Bankers were allowed to carry on as if nothing had happened and just in case we were unsure about just how seriously George Osborne took the situation, he blew £43,064 of tax payers money fighting the imposition of a bankers bonus cap in Europe. He failed, but we still kissed goodbye to nearly 50 grand to protect bankers.

Compare that with the incentive schemes offered to the unemployed, the under employed and sick and disabled people by the DWP to aid them find work. Such schemes include removing Motability from disabled people, ending the Independent Living Fund, cutting ESA for disabled people, capping and cutting housing benefit and, of course sanctions.

Britain’s great divide is firmly based on class and the war on the poor is utterly brutal and without mercy.

A recent report from Oxford found that the odds of long term unemployed finding work are reduced 2% for every pound lost in housing benefit cuts which, naturally, the DWP rejects. It is not hard to work out the implications of that for the DWP’s brutal incentives to work.

This is discrimination on an epic scale, applied to no social group other than the poorest and most vulnerable people throughout Britain. This is your ‘fairer and more cohesive’ society in action and the result of George Osborne’s long term economic plan. Slash and burn the poor.

Disabled people and cuts

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