War, the murder of innocents and Fallon’s lies


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,461

Saturday 11 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

If there is anything worse than a war of aggression, the supreme international war crime, it has to be a government that is engaged in a war of aggression yet denies it to the people it purports to serve.

War has always been murder by proxy, getting someone else to do your dirty work for you. The power to make war is exclusive to governments, whether democratic or a dictatorship, the people have no power to commit a nation to war, but they bear the responsibility and burden for fighting wars, all wars.

There is a parallel with wealth creation, the labour force carries the burden for wealth creation and yet has no part in the profit and wealth that comes from it’s labour. In both wealth and war, ordinary people are the sacrifice.

And are those who benefit from war and wealth grateful? Not a bit of it. ordinary people are the gift that keeps on giving, the cash cow for war and the muscle for wealth creation and almost universally despised by those who benefit from the sacrifice of their lives.

In today’s ever more mechanised war, the victims of war are no longer standing armies locked in bloody mortal combat, the flower of the nations youth conscripted to die as in WWI. According to Unicef, in 1900 civilian war fatalities were around 5%, by the 1990’s civilian deaths had exceeded 90% including millions of children. Unicef reports that it is estimated (merely estimated mark you, for who can count the dead in the devastation and terror of war?) that, ‘500,000 under-five-year-olds died as a result of armed conflicts in 1992 alone’. The sacrifice of innocents is accepted, ignored and dismissed by those who prosecute the atrocity of war across the planet.

War is terrorism, in fact it is the ultimate terrorism, for no other terrorism exploits the full resources of nations that only governments can command, including the lives of its people.

That Michael Fallon has consistently denied Britain’s part in the Saudi Arabian war of aggression against Yemen, until now, should be regarded and treated as a war crime. The  “humanitarian catastrophe” ‘precipitated by the Arab world’s richest country bombing its poorest has been almost total’, reported the UN envoy to Yemen and British bombs are responsible. UK arms companies enriched themselves with £2.8bn in the first year alone from the murder of innocents and Michael Fallon probably sleeps like a baby at night far from the screams of terror, torment and ruin.



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