RIP Jo Cox, we all have a responsibility to end hate


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,467

Friday 17 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The attack on Jo Cox is an appalling tragedy and a heinous crime and I am appalled and shattered that this has occurred.

As I write I have just learnt that Jo has died from her injuries, leaving her husband and two young children bereft and grieving.

Her husband, Brandon, has made a very moving statement which contained a message for us all asking that ‘we all unite to fight against the hatred that killed her’.

There can be no question that Britain is torn apart with division and hatred, it’s being spread right from the very top and it is long overdue that it stopped.

The referendum and the way it has been handled has incited intolerance, anger and fear on a scale I have never seen before. Insults have been flying right left and centre and there is no excuse for any of it.

The referendum is no longer the issue, the issue is the appalling behaviour which has come to dominate and overshadow it. From where I am sitting we would all be a lot better off if the referendum was called off.

Of course I cannot blame any one thing for the loss of a hard working and dedicated MP who fought hard for her constituents, the divisions in this country have grown over years now and they run deep. Intolerance has been growing, people becoming more desperate. Whatever incited the murder of Jo Cox what cannot be denied is that it was a desperate act just as it was a heinous, wicked, crime.

We all have a responsibility to reign in the fear and hatred, my responsibility is no less than yours. Heaven knows what is going to pour out of the media over the loss of Jo, but if it is not calling for peace, tolerance and an end to division, fear mongering and hatred then they are bang out of order.

It s time and long overdue time for us all to stand up to oppose and end division and hatred, whoever and where ever we are, from parliament to pubs to sitting rooms to street corners. Jo and her family deserve our respect and honour, and that needs expressing not in just words but in deeds and it needs doing right now.

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