What now after all the bile and hate?


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,473

Friday 24 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I don’t suppose all the referendum sound and the fury is over yet, it seems a whole lot of rage and bile has been released over a lot of mights and maybe’s and don’t we just love a good fight over anything that is largely conjecture. 30 gazzillion Turks coming over here taking our jobs or WWIII in the divided states of Europe.

Back in the real world where you’re privatising our NHS and want it to be run as a USA insurance based payment scheme, thousands dead within weeks of being found fit for work, the loss of the Independent Living Fund and Motability, cuts to ESA, closing hospitals and front line services, zero hours contracts keeping people poor, forced labour under workfare, sanctions depriving people of the means of survival and so on and on, I guess its back to the few to carry on fighting and the silent majority can go back to sleep.

I am sure that you must all be very proud of how a well crafted and managed shit storm can drive the nation half demented, but real time issues, real policies, in the here and now can be so totally ignored.

Really it’s a PR triumph. Although his name hasn’t been mentioned once as far as I know, the referendum had all the hall marks of a Lynton Crosby campaign of filth written all over it.

Crosby is famous for his ‘dead cat’ strategy, if you want to hide the real time foul and fetid, find something to distract and inflame our delicate sensibilities. Migrants are currently still the best dead cat, but terrorism still has plenty of mileage in it, as does extremist, as long as it’s a brown one and therefore Muslim. Whoever heard of a murder by a white extremist? They are usually painted as quiet and unassuming, mentally ill or a model citizen involved in volunteer work. 30 gazzillion Turks was neat, straight out of thin air. Mind you, another major war in Europe was pretty good too.

Whatever the referendum result, we’ll still be labouring under the worst government in UK history and I am sure George Osborne has already planned how he’s going to punish us even more for the economic uncertainty caused by the referendum.

If the result is that we’ll leave the EU and if that causes a recession, Boris Johnson has said he’ll apologise on TV for getting it wrong. Of course he will, it’s no skin off his nose, he’s a millionaire and has no idea what austerity means and nor could he care less. He can say his meaningless sorry and get right back to his publicly subsidised Bollinger or Moet or whatever tickles his fancy. Along with the rest of you. Whatever happens, one thing is for sure, the poor will pay, they always have and they always will and you millionaire career politicians will make sure of it.




Independent Living Fund: ‘Shocking’ drop in support after ILF closure









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