This is no time for weeping, it’s time to roar!


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,478

Wednesday 29 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The European adventure has been an attempt to create a vast mono-culture of diverse nations, unelected, unaccountable and opaque, dominated by cultural and economic elites who are in no way democratically answerable to the people of the various nations which comprise it.

The referendum has been dominated by scapegoating by many who are determined to be victims blasting out as much hate and vitriol as possible from their bunkers of moral superiority. It is the most loathsome, ugly, spectacle I have ever witnessed.

The binary choice that was offered to the nation, and viciously maintained by those leading both Tory campaigns, was a united flag of big Europe or a united flag of little Britain. Both were false and steeped in the interests of a self serving elite.

The result, accompanied by wailing and gnashing of the teeth of biblical proportions, has been spectacular as the financial markets have caused a plunge in the value of sterling. Let’s bear in mind though that the markets are beholden to no one other than themselves and money, as too are Standard and Poor’s, Fitch and Moody’s, privateer rating agencies which have stripped the rating of the pound. Democracy has no part in the markets and George Osborne has left them to play fast and loose with our economy with no Brexit plan in place and now entirely abandoned by Osborne, having washed his hands of the whole affair as, indeed, have you.

Such is the supreme arrogance of you and your party, you are all blithely carrying on as if you had nothing to do with the mess you’ve created and are now talking about a leadership election which includes the very people who are responsible for the current chaos and who have lied through their teeth, yet who now steadfastly deny any such thing. As Nick Cohen’s headline in the Guardian put it, ‘There are liars and then there’s Boris Johnson and Michael Gove’.

There is a victim in all this and I am far from alone in naming and highlighting it. What lies in tatters, shredded and trampled underfoot, is democracy. Instead of the titan it should be, it has become a rabbit, caught in the headlights of unaccountable power and smashed under the wheels of arrogant, elite, supremacists who have nothing but contempt for it and, therefore, the people. That is why we are in this mess and nothing will be gained until and unless the people lift up it’s precious fractured carcass and breath some shuddering life into it and rise up and hold it high. It will take some alchemy to transform the rabbit into a lion, and that alchemy is entirely the will of the people. Weeping will avail us nothing, only the roar of a people aroused to action to end the dominance of the elitist, greedy, few at the vast expense of the many.

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