Politicians should pay the price for corrupt politics


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,487

Friday 08 July 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It was with a deep feeling of sorrow that I learnt that Chelsea Manning had tried to commit suicide. As a whistle blower she’s incarcerated within the system she exposed, the prisoner of a corrupt system convinced of its own righteousness and its right to oppress those who oppose and expose it.

Watching the game of who will win the crown in your party’s leadership campaign, I am struck by the shenanigans of the corrupt. Theresa May is bidding as a champion of social justice. As Patrick Butler put it in the Guardian, ‘And so Theresa May, putative Tory leader, timidly saluted the perils of poverty and inequality. An ordinary working-class life, she theorised, was “much harder than people realise”. She ticked off a series of “burning injustices” that must be tackled: extreme variations in life expectancy and educational chances; the gender pay gap. She highlighted job insecurity and financial insecurity. “Frankly not everybody in Westminster understands what it’s like to live like this,” she revealed. “What the government does isn’t a game, it has real consequences for people’s lives.”

May’s voting record shows that she was either absent from or voted for all the so called welfare reforms imposed by your government, bedroom tax, cuts to disability benefits, and so on. With not a trace of shame she can champion the poverty which she has helped to increase and what is more, I doubt that she’s remotely concerned by her own hypocrisy. That’s just the way you play the political game. That the game is rotten to the core is irrelevant, she’s merely doing what she must in her bid to be leader and she’ll play the charm offensive for all she’s worth, at which we can only shudder.

She has all the charm of a vampire bidding to work in a care home. It’s perfectly awful to have to watch. No smile will ever reach those eyes, they are as cold, dead and implacable as a sharks, even in the throes of a feeding frenzy.

Am I picking on May? Well, yes I am, though none of the other candidates are any better, but May does exude a peculiar miasma of awfulness like a cloud of mosquitoes looking for blood and she also voted for the invasion of Iraq. Does that matter? Yes. We have to suffer the consequences of political decisions, which includes lies, deception, immoral and ideological convictions and it is long overdue that politicians did too. Then and only then will the words, ‘we’re all in this together’, have any relevance or meaning.





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