Cameron out, May in


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,491

Tuesday 12 July 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I do not expect anything democratic from the Tory party, no one in their right mind would, but to see members of the Parliamentary Labour Party showing contempt for democracy is a sign of just how far down the rotten worm hole of neoliberalism politics has gone.

It is to be hoped that so far as the labour leadership challenge goes democracy will assert itself… robustly.

The breaking news as I type is that you’ll be gone by Wednesday afternoon and Theresa May will apparently be PM by teatime, not by election but rather coronation as Andrea Leadsom has dropped out of the leadership contest. I am sure the Queen will be able to give her some tips on unelected leadership and show her how to wave in a regal way. I wonder whether she’ll do a Thatcher and use the royal ‘We’, she looks the type.

I guess this is the parting of the ways and I’d like to thank you for not replying to a single one of these letters and the issues I have raised, but I do appreciate that dismantling our nation, legally abolishing and privatising our NHS and trashing poor, sick and disabled people and everything else takes priority over anyone protesting against such heinous acts.

I have little hope that Theresa May will do anything but more of the same, if not worse, her expressed intent to use EU residents in the UK as bargaining chips in the negotiations with the EU says much about her care for the lives of ordinary people.

I can but hope that May will call a general election as soon as possible, as she urged Gordon Brown to do when she accused him of “running scared of the people’s verdict”. We are still awaiting the outcome of the investigations into Tory election fraud, assuming that has not been buried, politics needs some fresh air at least and a damned good flush would be welcome.

Do I wish you well, Mr Cameron? Yes, I wish you as well as anyone afflicted by your war on the poor which you have overseen in your time as leader of the Tory party.

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