There’s no such thing as a nuclear deterrent


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,497

Tuesday 19 July 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

The ridiculous term ‘nuclear deterrent’ should be banned, it is a clear misrepresentation of the reality which is, as you said in parliament during the debate on Trident, that you would be prepared to use it. You also said that it would be a ‘dereliction of duty’ to give up our nuclear capability and you would not downgrade it because you are not ‘prepared to settle for something that does not do the job’. The job of mass extermination and perhaps even an extinction event.

There is no such thing as a nuclear deterrent, there are only weapons of mass destruction and as Philip Hammond said this year regarding a missile test by North Korea, “North Korea seem to think possessing a nuclear weapon makes them safe. In fact it’s the opposite. Having a nuclear weapon makes them a target.”

This is the kind of nonsense we are fed by tub thumping ne’er do wells, the good guys have a cuddly nuclear deterrent and the bad guys have aggressive weapons of mass destruction. What idiocy!

Such nonsense is an insult to human intelligence. It’s the game that politicians play in which the lives of ordinary people are rendered meaningless because we pay the ultimate price for all the nonsense you spout.

There is no such thing as a deterrent if you are prepared to use it in anger, the instant the missiles are launched exposes the absurdity of the hubris and pomposity of those who’ve maintained the lie all these years. Even the intention, as you expressed to parliament, exposes the lie.

I grew up close the HMS Warrior in Northwood which was surely a target during the Cold War, we maintained that in the event of a nuclear strike we’d just go outside and, briefly, enjoy the blast whilst politicians headed for their bunker/s. It wasn’t just that as ordinary people we had no say or protection if politicians decided to go nuclear, it was also the question of whether we’d want to be alive in a post nuclear world given that we’d still be under the rule of the fools who caused it?

It comes down to this, the very last people who should be in charge of nuclear weapons are those who actively seek their proliferation and are prepared to spend our money on the very weapons that would bring about the eradication our lives. That is a very special sort of insanity that I want no part of.

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