Ordinary people, a cash cow in an abusive relationship


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,505

Thursday 28 July 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

A report by the TUC finds that Britain’s wages have tanked since the bankers broke the global economy and we now languish with Greece at the bottom of a league table of wages growth.

The Ripped Off Britons blog gave a summery of just some of our travails under a Tory government (but merely the tip of the iceberg): “In recent years we have seen wage freezes, benefits cuts, and the erosion of our pensions. Our access to legal aid has been sliced. Employment protections and the right to strike are being attacked. Services from libraries and public parks to police officers and defence are being scrapped. We now get unqualified teachers in “free schools”; unqualified translators and under-qualified barristers in the legal aid system; paramedics doing what doctors used to do; reservists doing what the professional army used to do.”

It is clear that since 2010 your party have sought to undermine the lives and well being of ordinary people with concerted attacks across the board. That this has been undertaken under the smoke screen of the financial crisis caused by the banks, is both deceitful and unforgivable.

What is now abundantly clear is that ordinary people are now treated as merely a cash cow to feed the naked greed of the markets and extreme wealth. The message from Iain Duncan Smith in his time with the DWP was, if you cannot work you cannot eat. Even the most severely disabled would be forced to work with no support from the nation. It mattered nothing to him that without support many would not even survive. Tory welfare reforms amount to little more than a national cull of poor, sick and disabled people.

Nothing in recent times shows the contempt for ordinary people more than the behaviour of Mike Ashley and Philip Green, both of whom had to be almost dragged screaming into parliament to answer for their filthy behaviour. It says a great deal about how brow beaten ordinary people are in this country that the response to Green was a petition calling for him to be stripped of his knighthood. A more impotent token gesture it is hard to imagine.

BHS has seen thousands of jobs lost, loyal workers ripped off for profit, some for all their working lives, and Green doesn’t give a damn. Both Green and Ashley behaved like spoilt brats who think the world revolves around them, showing utter contempt for workers on whose backs they make their obscene profits. Capitalism/neoliberalism grows fat on the backs of wage slaves and despises, demonises and betrays them for their unwitting generosity and the Tory government has thus far been firmly on the side of the abusers, aiding and abetting them through policy.








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