Corbyn, and why the establishment has gone mad


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,514

Saturday 06 August 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

The abortive Labour coup attempt which has dominated attention on all sides underlies a much deeper issue that is both sinister and of much greater concern.

It was neatly summed up by Frank Field MP when in a BBC interview he sneered at the idea that his constituents have ‘views’ or that they might think he was there to represent them in any way.

The trade union bill is legislation to silence the unions and hinder their ability to democratically represent the concerns of ordinary people.

To put it very simply, far too many MPs despise democracy and will go to any lengths to suppress it and oppose it. That is an issue at the heart of the Labour leadership contest. Owen Smith stands for maintaining the top down paternalism that dominates politics today and Jeremy Corbyn stands for democracy and grass roots involvement.

Those who seek power for power’s sake will go to any lengths to protect their own interests, that’s why one of the nicknames for your party is ‘Selfservatives’. You are the party of the establishment, the ruling classes lording it over the lower orders. It is embedded in the history and culture of Britain.

I wrote yesterday of Mike Ashley and Philip Green, both of whom consider it their right to exploit their workers for their own personal gain. It was right that both were called to face parliamentary select committees and Green has been branded the unacceptable ‘face of capitalism’. Not only is he not the unacceptable face of capitalism, he is a darling of capitalism, indeed, a ‘Knight’. He may be extreme, but in essence he’s no different from many, many others (the so called 1%). Corporate’s run the world and they do it out of self interest – perfectly normal, nothing to see here.

The problems all start when any challenge to the establishment status quo arises, which is exactly what Corbyn represents and why the establishment is throwing fifty fits and doing everything in its power to bring him down. That is the real problem we face and it has been made very clear what the establishment think of ordinary people, we are in the firing line as well as Corbyn, with slurs and insults being thrown at us for having the temerity to support him; the Telegraph even calls us a ‘cult’. When Corbyn says he’s offering a new kind of politics, he means it, and the response has been a political earthquake. Labour isn’t finished, it’s the establishment that doesn’t want a Corbyn led Labour party to even start. So much for democracy, eh?

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