The people who really run the country…

16_august_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,524

Tuesday 16 August 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

We need an end to the insults towards and exploitation of ordinary people. The world is changing not least through a the medium of communication the like of which has never previously existed via the Internet, social media and independent news sources.

The outcry against Jeremy Corbyn and his ‘Nazi stormtroopers’, as Michael Foster so despicably put it, is fuelled by a fear of informed people. The grip of a media run by oligarchs is weakening and Foster’s use of the Daily Mail to spread his poison is a sure sign of desperation and fear.

This latest attack on ordinary people from Foster follows an almost constant denigration of Corbyn supporters, but it bespeaks a wider issue which is the general contempt that those in power have for our lives. It is clear that Foster, as many others, insults us because we don’t matter, our lives, our concerns, our very existence, is irrelevant to him and his own grasping interests. We are just the ‘rabble’, and the hashtag #TrotsRabbleDogs hit Twitter running, in response.

This nation is run by millions of ordinary people 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, doing jobs too numerous to mention, paid and unpaid, voluntary workers and carers. My local shops will have all the necessities for my daily needs, the charity shop will be open, our local postman will bring my mail, the street lights will come on, as they do every evening, and it all happens through the cooperative efforts of millions of ordinary people, many of whom may be quite unaware of the vast nature of the endeavour they are engaged in.

Parliament is in its customary summer break, but the business of running the country goes on by the people, for the people. Today there will be countless acts of quiet heroism and kindness performed, unsung and unrewarded other than for the sheer goodness of them and a word of gratitude and even tears for kindness given.

Are you grateful, Mrs May, are any of you grateful? Do you ever spare a thought for all we do, for the army of workers who keep parliament running for you, cooks and cleaners, clerks and secretaries and I don’t know what else? Have you ever wondered what would happen if we all just stopped and the nation ground to a halt? It might provide a hint of who really runs the country for people who have too long taken us for granted and who exploit us and have nothing but contempt for us. Ordinary lives matter, they are the wealth of the nation, and I suggest it might be time for a little bit of a rethink.

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