Dirty energy, the last gasp of a rapacious dinosaur


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,528

Saturday 20 August 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

There is one great big reason that fracking is an issue that we must face and deal with. It is the last gasp of a dinosaur that refuses to evolve or die; an industrial behemoth that doesn’t care how much devastation it causes in its death throes as long as it can strangle the last penny out of the Earth in its rapacious greed for profit.

Peak oil is something that the petrochemical industry has never wanted to acknowledge or talk about and yet fracking is the embodiment of the exploitation of last gasp resources. It is nothing like the discovery of oil, great underground oceans of black gold ready to gush up out of the ground. That stuff is running out and petrochemical companies are desperate, why else would Shell want to undertake vastly expensive and high risk arctic drilling which would devastate the world’s last pristine environment?

The great oil and gas bonanza is over, oil is on the way out and what’s left is desperation and governments and corporations are prepared to rip the Earth apart in that desperation regardless of the consequences to the environment and life itself.

The only viable future is in renewables, but right now the future is looking more like an extinction event if the greed for oil and natural resources is not constrained and contained. Is there anyone left on Earth who seriously believes that Bush and Blair wanted to bring democracy to the Middle East? America is the most militarised resource hungry nation on earth which has amply demonstrated its willingness to embark on corporate colonialism and terrorism to feed its greed even whilst abandoning its own people. America is a nation divided, corporations and the people, and it is increasingly militarising against its own people as well as the world. Even whilst Bush was chanting his newly found mantra of ‘Terrorist’ he was The Terrorist in Chief aided and abetted by Blair and look at the world now.

If people want to understand fracking and its devastating consequences, they need look no further than America. The only future we can have is if we keep dirty fuel in the ground and stop the resource wars before some fool presses the nuclear button and commits the ultimate act of ecocide and genocide. Nature is very forgiving, it’s the very thing that gives us life, but unless we learn to know our place in nature and do something about it and clean up our act, the best thing that we can do is carve our epitaph now with the words, ‘An object lesson in greed and futility’, as a warning to any space travellers who might happen by one day.





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