For freedom


Every day the battle lines are drawn
The dice are thrown, the choices made
As fears and doubts play loud inside
Where will I stand in sorrows gaze
As the death toll rises in this land
My tears fall and I demand to know
Who dares play god with other people’s lives?

The people who fight wars do not make them
Men in grey suits decide where we die
Sending our young to kill for freedom
For patriotism, Queen and country
Yet those same men imprison those
Who march on the streets for freedom
Playing god with other people’s lives.

I never dreamed I would live to see
Days such as these as a plague of death
Invades our streets and homes and lives
In an ideological war against us
In the name of austerity
Imposed by those who decide our fate
And play god with our lives.

They tell us we’re all in this together
That we must stay the course
That their plan is working
These people who have never been visited
By want and fear and loneliness
Who are proud of their great record
Proud to play god with other people’s lives.

Courage is born in heartbreak
And fear gives rise to strength
When the tears dry and yet remain
A lake inside that cannot be emptied
I must walk on and continue the fight
For peace and goodness and love
And never play god with other people’s lives.

I have yet to discover what freedom means
Chains are not always visible
And prison walls are not always made of brick
I must decide when freedom is won
Because if I do not feel it in my heart
And know it in my being
I must still stand opposed to those who presume to play god with our lives.

KOG 11 November 2016

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