The global terrorist scam


Terrorist isn’t anything other than a sobriquet, a meaningless, but convenient, nickname for anyone who does something, or might do something, against society or the state. It exists on a par with yob, layabout and hooligan. It is a lazy and deceitful term brought into play by George W Bush in his bogus ‘war on terror’ who first used it on 20 September 2001 after 9/11.

Terrorist means anyone and no one, and has been used ever since 9/11 for indiscriminate killing absent of any evidence. A drone strike on a terrorist cell tells us absolutely nothing other than it is a group so labelled by politicians with deceitful intent. It means huge profits for the military industrial complex and misery for everyone else at an estimated cost (over a decade) of ‘$4.4 trillion to western tax payers’ and has not made a single person safer but has made the entire world less safe.

The war on terror is a war against an enemy or enemies unknown who may or may not represent a threat to western interests and who may or may not commit acts of terror, it is a war without end because it has no meaning in real terms. lacking entirely in specifics.

Terrorism is a political ideology, like austerity, and both serve a dishonest political agenda.

The recent incident in London was called a terrorist attack within minutes, which was all that was required to set the world ablaze. The Police have since reported that ‘Khalid Masood (now named but unknown at the time) acted entirely alone for reasons that may never be known’.

Anyone who uses the term terrorist is participating in a monstrous public relations scam, it is a triumph of public manipulation by unscrupulous politicians and specifically George W Bush and the hawks who surrounded him.

The war on terror is primarily a war for profits, and arms and security industries have flourished since 9/11 and they are just the tip of an enormous iceberg of rapacious corporate greed for global resources.

But the war on terror is first and foremost an ideological war of words, of public manipulation and psychological distortion. It is an aggressive war prosecuted by the powerful, including the media, over the lives of ordinary people. Our best weapon in this war is resistance and calling it for what it is, a scam perpetrated by corrupt politicians and liars with vested interests in its continuation.

KOG. 26 March 2017

How the front pages of newspapers are reporting the London terror attack

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