I had a dream


I had a dream a couple of days ago, in which my home and my kitchen, where I was working, were invaded by three of the most, obnoxious, arrogant, officious and rude, self serving, obstructive and intrusive men imaginable. I was put in the position of having to force myself past them do anything and, after battling with them for some time, their obstructive disdain for me was so offensive that the particular individual I was trying to get past, in the moment, gave rise to an explosion of rage in me.

He towered head and shoulders above me and as he looked down on me his face and his gaze were a living sneer of contempt. I flung myself at him and in the restricted space all I could do was grab his collar and tie and grind my fist into his Adam’s apple with all my strength in a bid to crush it and choke him to death. I know little enough about how to kill, but it was working until I snapped awake.

I sat on the edge of my bed to calm down, but my instant thought was that my dream state had offered me an insight into the Tory world we are living in and how deeply I felt about it.

It hit me that the Tories rely entirely for their brute rule on our being civilised, a line they crossed years ago. With the dream still clear in my mind, I knew that my actions had been entirely appropriate and I was glad that my dream mind had offered me the insight it had into Tory brutality.

When I wrote in my first letter to Cameron, “Clearly your contempt for the people of Britain can have only one logical end, so why not begin the cull now?”, little did I fully realise at that time that they had begun. Plans long in the making were being put into action and the rest, as they say (though still ongoing), is history.

The expression, ‘crossing the line’ is about where a situation or circumstances move from being acceptable to being unacceptable. When the line is crossed, the situation has gone past the point of compromise, it is the place where it becomes necessary to make a stand, no matter what. That is the place I reached even before I started the letters in March 2012, and nothing has changed in me since, other than reinforcing my position.

As suicides began to be reported, when ten people had taken their lives in despair, that didn’t make the first one acceptable, and now thousands of lives have been lost there is no place of compromise which says a few hundred was ok.

There is another expression that is relevant to this, ‘crossing the Rubicon’, which relates to Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon river as an act of insurrection and treason from which there was no return. As he did so Caesar was reputed to have said “alea iacta est” – the die is cast. Whatever happens now, the Tories are long past the point of no return.

In their war against the poor there are inevitably factions and those who support the Tories either in ignorance or knowingly.

The facts remain, the Tories are attacking the lives of ordinary people to the point of death. They began with the poorest and most vulnerable, but it has spread far beyond them to front line services, our NHS, doctors and nurses, schools and children, young people entering the world of work and independence, the bedroom tax, the brutal sanctions regime, students, access to legal redress, housing and so much more. David Cameron even had the bloody gall to write and complain to Ian Hudspeth, the Tory leader of Oxfordshire County Council, about cuts to front line services that he, Cameron, was responsible for creating.

Whatever their motives are, even if it is blind stupidity, they are without excuse. so far as the Tories are concerned my heart has been turned to stone and my will is utterly set against them. They are a pernicious evil and no matter how powerful they are, no matter what forces they set against us, no matter how formidable they may appear, they must be brought down.

Theresa May said that this is the most important election in her lifetime, I disagree, this is the most important election in my lifetime and the lifetimes of all those she is attacking on a daily basis. She is fighting for her political career, we are fighting for our lives. As a disabled pensioner, I know they are gunning for me, it is my own life that is at stake and for which I am fighting along with millions of other ordinary people across the length and breadth of Britain.

To use the words of Dylan Thomas, I will not go gentle into that good night, old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage against the dying of the light: the light the Tories are hell bent on extinguishing. Life is too precious to give up silently. The closer I get to my end the more precious each moment is, and the more my heart swells for the love of it. Death will inevitably take me in my time, but without surrender to any Tory coward or their vile policies.

KOG. 30 April 2017

Government admits failing to record actions after benefit suicide inquiries





4 thoughts on “I had a dream

  1. When I read the beginning of your article, I thought you were going to say you’d had a dream about trump – or rather a nightmare, as that is what we are living with over here. I feel your frustration! If it helps to know that many of us across the pond are with you, then be encouraged that you are not alone.

    1. Thank you debette, I have friends in Arkansas who still have their heads in their hands. Strength to you.

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