Scumbag Novella Cover Reveal!

Rupert Dreyfus

Long time no see!

So here it is, folks… the front cover reveal for Prezident Scumbag! A Sick Bastard Novella; possibly the first anti-Trump story to emerge. The design is by my regular graphic designer Will over at Gonzo Design and was inspired by old Crass and Dead Kennedys album covers and leaflets.

I’m going to release this book in a matter of weeks and hope that you’ll get behind it. We’re just at the formatting stages and all is running smooth.

Meanwhile here’s the blurb:

While kicking about Hotel Scum, a community of crust punk squatters from the north of England learn all about the newly elected President of the World. Turns out this president happens to be their worst nightmare in a shirt and tie. He is, in their words, a corporate swine who promises to make things do stuff tomorrow. Nobody has a fucking clue what he’s…

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