Baying for blood, the media


In any, great or small, news event there is an untold story which is blandly accepted as the norm but which is long overdue for change as no longer socially or morally acceptable.

The snarling hoards of the corporate and freelance media fall like jackals on anything that smells like a ‘good’ story no matter how good or, more importantly, bad it is. Whatever article emerges to excite or inflame the public has little to do with the feeding frenzy which precedes it.

We’ve had the Leveson enquiry at a cost of £50 million of public money and although Parliament approved Article 40, Theresa May has promised to repeal it and to scrap Leveson 2, so there is little point in my pursuing Levison here.

What remains is that the press are not self regulating, they are not behaving responsibly, they cause untold distress and harassment to the public under the most brutal circumstances, Manchester being the latest case in point, the details of which I will not go into here (see Huckmagazine and Zelo Street links below).

What is needed, once again, is the exercise of grass roots democracy through social media, independent citizen media, blogs and so on to hold the media jackals to account and hold their feet firmly in the flames of public critique and dissent.

In the cult of money and corporate greed, do what thou wilt shall no longer be the whole of the law.

Just doing a job regardless of the suffering and pain it may cause is not longer acceptable, employers and to a lesser extent employees, because many are held over a financially corrupt barrel, have got away with it for too long. The free markets, so beloved of the Conservatives, enjoy entirely one sided freedoms, the lack of restraint they enjoy is paid for by us, the people. The so called banking crisis was a prime example which, in fact, became, almost overnight, the people’s crisis under which we are still suffering. The criminal banks and financial markets got off scot-free.

The mainstream media has a reckoning coming, they have ridden the gravy train for too long and are becoming ever more feral. Five billionaires own 80% of the British media, they are Rupert Murdoch, Jonathon Harmsworth, Richard Desmond and the Barclay’s Twins, who are at pains to avoid UK tax let alone scrutiny, and that’s not to mention Evgeny Lebedev, George Osborne’s new boss, scion of a former KGB boss. Even the BBC has been infiltrated by right wing propagandists.

The very heart of the British press is rotten to the core, as spineless as an amoeba, as full of shit as a cess pit in a country pile, with the morals of a serial killer and a propagandists wet dream.

It’s time to call time on the main stream media and give them no mercy, or, at least, extend to them the mercy they show others, which amounts to the same thing. If Theresa May is so fond of hunting then let’s declare open season on the jackals of the media as of right now.

Click to access Consultation_on_the_Leveson_Inquiry_and_its_implementation.pdf

How Britain’s Propaganda Machine Controls What You Think

The BBC is Irredeemable

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