It’s over for Theresa May as Jeremy Corbyn continues to rise


After the 2015 General Election, I sat watching the results come in and as it became clear the Conservatives had gained a majority I physically and mentally collapsed. I was completely devastated and it took a week or more to begin to claw my way back out of the pit of despair.

This time around I knew that if the Conservatives gained another majority my reaction would be much, much worse. We’ve had seven years to work out what their agenda is, back when I began a Letter a Day to Number 10 it was mostly speculation and striving to gain an understanding of their agenda, now it’s as plain as the nose on my face.

This is the false austerity party, telling us they can cut Britain back to growth, with murderous intent towards poor, sick and disabled people, privatise everything by deceitfully strangling and destabilising the public sector with catastrophic results. It doesn’t matter who you are, young, middle aged or old, they think it is their god given right to steal from our lives to benefit vultures who want to pocket the wealth of the nation. This is the party that will steal nutritious food from children for a 7p breakfast, the party of the privileged pouring scorn and contempt on our lives.

As I sat following the election results overnight the most wonderful thing happened, Labour were taking ground. Against all the predictions of polls, talking heads and so called experts, Labour defied them all as the popular will of the people exerted itself in this election. There was no hint of the despair I had dreaded, this was amazing, we’d done it against overwhelming odds, against the media barons full of spite, filth and bile, against the dark ads placed by the Conservatives on social media targeting millions of voters with disinformation and smears, the front page cover wraps on local papers, money no object as hedge funds, bankers, and magnates poured in millions to the Tories. And millions of voters defied them all.

I didn’t wait for the final results, it was a hung parliament, time for some sleep. To wake up to… chaos. Theresa May was going to the Queen to form a government in coalition with the Democratic Unionist Party, and social and the independent and citizen media had erupted. In her arrogance and her vanity Theresa May was prepared to trifle with the bitterly struggled for and hard won peace in Ireland for power and to satisfy her own vanity.

On return from the palace her car parked in Downing street and she stepped out to walk to the lectern in front of number 10 Downing Street with her husband. It must have felt like a million miles as she made her obviously nervous way in dead silence before the ranks of the media, gathered like vultures. Not a single voice greeted her, just the empty stares of blank lenses. She spoke cold words with darting, dead eyes, turned and walked to the door of number ten where she posed briefly, her face like death, with the look of someone who had announced her own funeral.

What was in my mind was how very different it would have been had it been Jeremy Corbyn.

Since then the mood of the country has been feral, Theresa May’s vanity general election has been a dismal failure but that has not stopped the hubris from the likes of Conservative MP Crispin Blunt, telling us with predictable arrogance “the electorate plainly have got it wrong.” Others in her party have been brutal in condemnation of May, as Tory MP Nigel Evans said, the “Only thing missing from our manifesto was compulsory euthanasia for over 70s!” The atmosphere is chaotic and, personally, tiresome. Theresa May, who accused Corbyn of wanting to form a coalition of chaos, is the one responsible for the chaos, she is playing personal vanity against the interests of the whole of Britain, and we wait.

Jeremy Corbyn is energised and ready to lead as Theresa May’s election charade unfolds and unravels. Behind Corbyn is a nation hungry for change, for an end to the dismal ideology of austerity and hateful division and to get the country moving and growing again. There is a feeling in me that the nation is holding its breath, it’s hard to see what cards Theresa May has left to play. The Conservatives are not known for their compassion and right now it looks as though Theresa May is about to find out just how brutal defeat can be when clearly her gamble has failed and her own party know it as her gamble and no one else’s.

May’s fall is certain, not least because she has not a shred of humility and no love for the lives of ordinary people who she seeks only to dominate and control. Jeremy Corbyn is her polar opposite and her nemesis, he does not fear us, he enjoys being one of us and with us, and to serve a country he clearly loves, giving hope, not hate. Right now he’s standing in the wings, but not for long.

KOG. 11 June 2017

DUP and Conservatives agree principles of ‘confidence and supply’ deal to form government

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