Dear Tories, thanks, but no thanks


I would very much like the government to stop caring for me through the replacement of Trident and supporting a first strike nuclear option.

I would like them to stop pouring their concern and consideration on me through austerity and cuts to front line services and privatising my health care.

I would also like them to stop lavishing their sense of social responsibility on us all by driving people into destitution and homelessness, despair and early graves.

I can comfortably live without their evident joy at continuing the cap on public sector pay, their praise for food banks and even their proud attendance at opening new ones.

Their determined focus on young people starting off in life, gifting students with a lifetime of debt, helping young people to never have place of their own, starving children to improve educational attainment, and ruining our education system to improve life chances, I am sure we could all live without.

Improving the life chances of sick and disabled people, the unemployed and the in in-work poor by encouraging them to live on nothing or next to nothing, gifting people with sanctions and penury to improve life chances and promoting a positive mental attitude to being hounded to death, I could happily scrap with never a moments regret that no more would need to die unnecessarily.

Promoting mental health by destroying it seems an little too much encouragement for most people, although the government themselves might benefit by it.

I can happily live without having the nations wealth gifted to the already filthy rich whilst the government joyfully increases the national debt by more than doubling it and encourages the poor to be socially responsible and pay it off.

They really do not have to beat me because of the pleasure I might feel if or when it stops. As a man of modest appetites and needs they need not trouble themselves on my account by gifting me with less.

My simple pleasure in life would, however, be greatly enhanced if they would all bypass jail, which they so richly deserve, and go directly to hell.

KOG. 03 July 2017

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