Child abuse and state rape


A child bodily molested and/or fucked by an adult is later emotionally and mentally fucked by the state. How is that supposed to feel?

If that seems to be using somewhat intemperate language, I would like to remind people that actions speak louder than any words I can use here.

I was told as a child that it was our secret. I dreaded the sound of his feet on the stairs. I later discovered it was a crime. Even later I spoke out about it and got help and counselling.

And, no, I am not cured, as if it is some malady that can be recovered from, like chickenpox, rather than it having been a lived experience which has shaped the development of my life, for life.

Can you even begin to remotely understand that experience and then how it feels to read that children can be held accountable for in any way consenting to their abuse?

I am now 66 years old and I cannot even begin to process that.

There is a word we use, ‘triggered’, it’s a good word to describe what happens when an emotional bullet is fired and explodes in your mind and you have no fucking idea how to deal with it.

That’s what’s happened and in this instance I call that ‘State Rape’.

KOG. The child in the image above, with my abuser.

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