PIP in the age of stupid


I want to unravel the whole PIP thing a bit, along with some other stuff that I think needs saying and expressing.

Let me start with a question. Why is the whole PIP thing so fucking stressful?

The reason is that it falls to us to make it happen. Forget the ‘decision makers’ and the, so called, ‘health care professionals’. They don’t make anything happen, they are just bozo’s obeying the rules made by other bozo’s, ticking boxes drawn by bozo’s. Not thinking, not caring, not relating, not doing anything insightful or incisive or in any way talented or useful in any meaningful sense.

We make PIP happen in any and every meaningful way and it requires enormous amounts of our time and energy and skill to make it happen.

We are, and always have been, the doers, makers, producers, enablers, decision makers, the makers and takers of choices on which it all depends.

In every sense and sensible way we carry the buck and it stops right here, the buck is ours.

The real problem we face isn’t that we are dependent on these mindless drones to get anything done, we’re not, it’s down to us, but we do have to take them on. If we don’t do it and make it happen, all we get is meaningless drone decisions that don’t help us or anyone else.

What bears down on us, if we don’t see it for what it is, is the weight of the responsibility of getting anything done. The danger is of becoming penitents to drones, beggars to idiots. If we want anything done we have to do it ourselves or get some serious help from others to assist us through assessments, appeals, tribunals, gathering information, presenting that information and so on and on.

Think about ‘brown envelope’ syndrome. What it means is a call to action, and we have to find the energy, courage and fortitude to take it on. We know it’s loaded against us by drones, and there’s the problem, they aren’t doers in the way we are and have to be to get anything useful done. We know it is now like getting blood from a stone because they are instructed and forced to deny us what we need and require.

Think of it like this… Imagine the biggest dick head you’ve ever met, or jobsworth, or hidebound idiot, the task is to get that dick head to do something helpful and useful, and you know how hard that is.

In such circumstances it is perfectly natural to want to beat their heads against a brick wall. When has it ever been different when having to deal with idiots?

I’ve been disabled for a long time and I have known some wonderfully helpful people within the system, administering DLA, giving me advice and information and assistance and there are still people like that in the system, it’s just that the government doesn’t want them any more, the government just wants obedient drones who are as crap, senseless and stupid as they are.

When I was in the factory there was a practice with newbies called ‘sitting next to Nellie’. I was sat with an old hand at the job, not the foreman, the manager or the boss, but ‘Nellie’, someone who knew how to get the job done and could teach me the tricks, tips and skills of the job. In my case it was a fantastic woman, sharp as a razor with a wit that could take your skin off and as kind as a sunset, unless you were a cock sure smart arse, in which case you’d find yourself falling from a very great height. Any of you out there of a certain age will know exactly what I am talking about.

Times have changed, now the idiots have taken over. ‘Nellies’ are despised and it’s the managers, middle managers, paper pushers, jobsworths and entirely useless individuals who have taken over to our very great cost.

But some things haven’t changed, if we want anything done, we have to do it ourselves, it was ever thus. Jacob Rees-Mogg boasts that he’s never changed a nappy, well he wouldn’t would he? He epitomises everything that’s wrong. He’s not a doer, he’s a waste of space and heaven forfend that he might actually do something useful. He’s about as much good as a handbrake on a bowl of custard and that’s being kind. That said, it’s a sign of the times we’re living in that it is entirely possible that he might become the leader of the Conservative party, a party of pointless, useless relics led by the biggest relic of the lot.

It is likely that going through the PIP process will be a hard, gruelling, process, but it won’t be any fault of mine if it is because I’ll be giving it my best shot and if, ultimately, I don’t get the support I need, it won’t be for want of trying on my part. I don’t do anything with the intent to fail, I’m just not that stupid, but I do have to recognise that we’re living in the age of stupid and, as such, it’s bloody hard work to get anything useful done properly and well or in a timely fashion.

I was thinking only yesterday, remembering what it was like in Britain before Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the opposition, we were at a political dead end, there was no glimmer of light on the horizon, the Cameron’s, Osborne’s and Blairites were ruling the roost and what a hopeless lot they all were and are. Then, out of nowhere, taking everyone by surprise, we got Corbyn and everything changed. I’m not pretending that he’s any kind of saviour, but then he knows that and he knows that he can’t do it without us and that’s the point and that makes all the difference in the world and that’s why I back him, because he needs us to have his back if we’re going to recover from this mindless, senseless, age of ‘stupid’.

KOG. 13 September 2017

One thought on “PIP in the age of stupid

  1. No truer words have been written!
    I had to go through this process, at the beginning of the year, while grieving for my Mum, who was rushed to hospital the day after I got my form, then died a week later, while the DWP were on their christmas jollies!
    My health then went downhill even more than it ever had, and it was only because my daughter came to visit, that I was able to get that monser of a form filled in – and it opened my daughter’s eyes to exactly how I have to cope with my life – which was something I hadn’t wanted her to worry about 😦
    It took months before my assessment, but I think I was one of the lucky ones, as I had a letter from my doc, asking for a home assessment, as I’m homebound, and I’d also been told to ask for a recorded assessment, too, so I actually had a doctor as my assessor, who knew about all my many health problems, and how they affect me – and she sensibly knew that I wouldn’t ever have a miraculous recovery, either – although she did warn me that she’d have to ask me a question that might upset me – then went on to ask me why I hadn’t commited suicide yet!
    The whole process took roughly 4 months from beginning to end – and my case was straighforward, so I pity those people who have to go on and fight their decisionmaker, but I’ve only just, this month, stepped out of the awful depression that having to deal with the changeover to PIP had brought on.
    There’s something basically callous and cruel, in forcing so many people to have to write, in minute detail, everything that’s gone wrong with them, and all the humiliating details of how we then have to cope with the results – you wouldn’t force that on your worst enemy, would you?
    But the Tories do so, and laugh out loud at us, on camera, while knowing that we are we crying with pain and humiliation! 😦

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