Function follows form – The Tories – re-forming humanity


Designers have a saying, ‘form follows function’, it means understanding what something is for, what its use is, before they start messing with it’s structural form. A chair has a very specific function, supporting someone who desires to sit. It can support other functions, as a platform to stand on, a low step ladder, and could be designed to facilitate both functions. The eventual form it takes will, hopefully, satisfy both functions well. Badly designed, it will not, or will not satisfy them with ease, practicality and comfort.

The Tories have turned this on its head. They are re-forming the psychology of being human to satisfy a function which they are attempting to dictate. As far as they are concerned, our function is to be working stock, with no other considerations. If we are not capable of work, in their shallow definition of work, employable, profit making, work, then we have no other purpose or use.

Via Unum and their bogus Biopsychosocial model, sickness has been redefined as malingering. Malingering from what? Work. It doesn’t matter how ill we are, what matters is what we can do, regardless of how limited that may be, we ‘must’ be able to do some form of work. So certain are the government, and determined, they spend millions fighting tribunals and they must contest tribunals if they are to succeed in their psychological reform of humanity and in their determination that they are right and everyone else has got it wrong, even the courts.

They profile sick and disabled people as scroungers and malingerers and the attacks on disabled people are entirely in the governments favour. Why should able working people give up space on buses for people who are nonproductive? Why waste, design, time, money and effort on people who are useless and unproductive? The resentment of the working stock makes them more obedient, more pliable to government dictat. Those they attack are non-people in their eyes, useless and pointless, and the government entirely promotes and supports such division.

In fact, I am entirely wrong to call the sick and disabled, ‘people’. They have no function therefore we must deny them form. They are bogus people, things which pretend to be people, but are not. They have chosen a form which is delinquent, bogus, because they do not display the function assigned to them by government. They are a zombie form of humanity because they lack the function assigned to humanity.

Hitler understood this very well. If you can dehumanise certain ‘elements’ of humanity, then you can get rid of them with impunity. All the Tories are attempting to do is refine the process. Instead of the rather laborious process of death camps, you merely deny them the means of survival. Isolate them in ever reducing circumstances and they die off or kill themselves, just another suicide. The government doesn’t care either way.

You can tell much from inaction. Despite our mounting dead, the government does nothing other than deny that it is even happening. Why would they? It’s working. In the governments eyes, they probably see it as natural wastage, were such people productive they wouldn’t be dead. It’s their own fault or failing and nothing for government to be concerned about.

All that is required is that they accept the governments re-form and function accordingly and they would not die, they would be productive.

It’s the new religion, righteousness through work, work makes you well, productiveness is personal salvation. The obedient and the good survive and the weak, aberrant, abhorrent and malfunctioning die. Those whose form cannot follow function cease to exist and all is well.

And the righteous vote Tory.

KOG. 27 September 2017


3 thoughts on “Function follows form – The Tories – re-forming humanity

  1. Reblogged this on The Night Owl and commented:
    Having just read this, and then followed the link provided, which took me to the original posting by the Black Triangle Campaign – – I really feel that this should be shared as mush as possible, through every social media outlet that is possible.
    The last thing the disabled of the UK needs right now, is a general concensus that it’s okay to treat us as the Nazi’s treated their disabled – and the Tory Government has already had a 7 year start on their campaign to belittle us, and eventually get rid of us, through any means – fair or foul!

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