The government doesn’t begin to understand life, but they try to steal it


We are being personally and culturally ripped off every day, but it goes far deeper than that, because we have to consider our internal well being, something that the government doesn’t even recognise, yet they are driving people to suicide through not recognising them/us as human beings with feelings and with an inner being.

What the government promotes is obedience and if we are not obedient to government dictat they sanction us and actually deprive us of the means of survival.

Now this should tell us something, which is, our internal sense of being is incredibly powerful and it therefore takes extreme measures to deny us the time, the energy and even the will to be and care for ourselves. To create a class or society of slaves takes great effort. Just look at the hate that pours from the pages of the right wing media, not once or twice, but day after day, week after week, constantly reinforcing a merciless tide of vitriolic hatred designed to crush us and internalise their hate.

When we become ill through this appalling pressure and denial of our selves, the government offers CBT counselling, which is really just a problem solving technique and what we actually think and feel has no part in the process, so we may also be prescribed antidepressants to dumb down our feelings. That is no answer to depression, which is the hell pit of the repressed and suppressed self, antidepressants are just a blanket to cloak what is really wrong, which is our whole being, living in an unbelievably toxic dystopian reality that denies us our humanity. That is an act of violence. But do we call it that, despite the internal violent reaction to it which should tell us that we are in the presence of violence? No, we self blame, and even that self blame is an act of violence when what we need more than anything else is loving self care and the loving help and care of others.

Not only are we being ripped off by the dystopian state, we are ripping ourselves off because we’ve internalised self blame and are in danger of losing the ability for self care. On that road lies suicide, you could call that the writing on the wall for hundreds of thousands of people. If, somehow, we manage to perceive the danger we might dare to ask for help and find enough support to draw back from the brink, if not, then taking our own lives is less an act of suicide than it is state murder.

As tragic as every suicide is, for loved ones especially, it is not an isolated dis-ease, it’s part of an epidemic, the cure for which is not just being withheld from us, but is deliberately and forcibly being stolen. Purposefully.

Some people may be shocked reading this, they might see it as too radical or extreme. I’m not writing anything extreme, I am writing what should be self evident and yet people still vote for more of this appalling imposed suffering. Many people are glad to see poor people die, another scrounger gone, good! That’s extreme. Not caring about the well being of others is selfishness gone to the extreme. That’s psychotic or psychopathic, it sure isn’t normal, and by normal I mean, it is profoundly normal to care and it is profoundly abnormal not to, yet too many people’s ability to care has been cauterised and turned into wanton, gloating, cruelty, and that comes right from the top.

Speaking in parliament, Theresa May has said of a Corbyn led government, “We will never let it happen.” That begs the question, what lengths is she prepared to go to to prevent the democratic election of the Labour party? Someone who believes in and cares about democracy would never say such a thing. But then, just recently, the most incredible and egregious lies have been told about Jeremy Corbyn by the right wing press and snidely referred to by Theresa May and MPs like Ben Bradley, James Cleverly, Gavin Williamson and others. They will do anything to subvert democracy and many have feared for Corbyn’s life over the past week. May knows exactly what she has in her arsenal of dirty weapons to use against Corbyn, Labour, Labour members and the general public. Conservatives are masters of the dark arts of lies, spin, slurs and character assassination. So adept are they that Britain is awash with fear and hatred to a degree I have never seen before and it is being spoon fed from above and by the most venal media outlets.

I am now retired and was shocked to discover that the pension I had paid into all my life is now called a ‘benefit’, which the government reassuringly tells me is a legal description providing ‘consistency with other contributory benefits’ and goes on to tell me that ‘retirement pension (latterly known as State Pension)’ is classified in law as a ‘benefit’. Defining everything as a benefit (government largesse) has one cast iron consequence, the ease with which it can be stolen from us. Ask any WASPI woman just how that works.

In 2016 it was reported that former Lib Dem MP David Laws revealed in a book (wot he wrote) that Owen Paterson, former environment secretary, suggested, instead of hiring Bulgarians and Romanians to pick fruit and vegetables at the legal rate, “We’ll try to get more British pensioners picking some of the fruit and vegetables in the fields instead. Of course, getting pensioners to do this work could lead to an increase in farmers’ costs. After all, they may be a bit slower doing the work. I’ve thought of that too. We might arrange to exempt British pensioners from the minimum-wage laws, to allow them to do this work.”

Instead of leaving me the hell alone to enjoy my autumn years in whatever way I chose, they will ‘allow’ me to work again, doing back breaking work with my ailing and failing 67 year old body, for a pittance that is liberated from even minimum-wage laws.

It is now fairly well known that the DWP call those of us on ‘benefits’ – ‘stock’. As bad as that is, it is not the worst that they do. Their denial of our humanity means that without any human consideration what so ever they regard it as their obscene right to rob us of any quality of life and meaningful existence at all. That’s the sword they wield over our lives, young, middle aged, old, and it will be a cold day in hell before I will stand silent and allow them to do that. Denying our humanity is obscene personal, psychological and emotional, violence. We are each alive through the awesome free gift of nature and there are no circumstances that mean we have to justify that to anyone, ever, and least of all to Tory thugs. They are an insult to life and human intelligence.

KOG. 25 February 2018


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