This is genocide


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Like the British Raj and the Empire that preceded them, the modern day Tories use privilege to cover their crimes. They throw mud at the living and rejoice when some inevitably sticks, whilst presiding over a silent genocide. The dead tell no tales, but the shadow of genocide hangs over the living in silent terror.

A genocide multiplies over time, many of the living live under its shadow, not realising that every step they take in life leads inexorably to that dreadful day when they are driven through deaths door.

The shadow does not extend to the perpetrators, who mock and jeer from positions of unassailable privilege, the loudest, braying, voices proclaim their guilt, demons whose job it is to demonise the innocent, their eyes dark with malice.

They give themselves away, they no longer acknowledge humanity, they talk of the poor, the sick, the disabled, the scrounger, the Jew, the worker, the layabout, the homeless, the drug addict, the immigrant, Muslims, but not people. They steal the light of life long before death calls, leaving a trail of faceless, silent, bodies. Just bodies.

Every genocide ever perpetrated was justified in the minds of those who did it.

Right now, in Britain, it is austerity. It’s called balancing the books which the Conservatives are even further away from after eight years of mismanagement and misrule. How many more people dying will it take before the growth of debt is stopped let alone reduced? It’s a ludicrous question with UK debt growing at £5,170.00 per second. That’s my annual income every 2 seconds, so a fat lot of good it will do to knock me off, but nor would that stop them, they are killing people on far higher incomes than that.

The DWP are running a secret penal system depriving people of the means of survival, without trial, without representation, with little or no notice. A penal system that no court in the land would consider for a moment and yet the DWP sanctions regime imposes fines that are greater than the fines imposed by the entire UK court system, driving people to death from deprivation or suicide.

Where has the money gone, who do we owe it to, why must poor people pay it off, and die?

But here’s the thing, who calls it, who has the right and who listens? The government isn’t listening, they are the perpetrators and couldn’t be less interested in listening, and the media isn’t calling it, in fact the 80% of the media that’s owned by tax dodging billionaires backs the government, spreading lies and hate and division. The BBC? When was the last time BBC news was even relevant?

The people? Who else is there? We who have no wealth (surprise) and therefore no access to justice, no power save our voices and our bodies, those who feel the shadow, as I do.

If not us, then who? We who are in harms way. We have the right, the human right, inalienable, birth given. Educated to be small in our own sight. Educated to submit to authority and not seek it.

We not only have the right, we have the life that burns in us in the face of soulless liars and thieves who are completely disconnected from their own humanity.

We have the absolute right and this is genocide.

KOG. 29 March 2018

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10 thoughts on “This is genocide

  1. and as more and more money is taken away from the punitive benefits anyway such as my 88 old mum got when she was told this week she must pay £15.00 per week from her pension towards her Council Rent

    1. That’s what is so heinous Jayne, the steady acid, drip, drip, stripping away at what little income and security we have.

    1. I am sorry to hear it Joanna, I hope you found the place to complain. I have rung them twice in my life and both times they were superb.

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