Taking back our humanity… What nonsense is that?


I wanted to write a piece about taking back our humanity, but that didn’t seem right. What on earth was I thinking?

You can’t take back something that you’ve neither lost nor forsaken nor had stolen from you, although through relentless propaganda the government and media try and, for some, succeed.

I found myself laughing and crying at the same time (yes, writing can be that intense). Oh, it hurt to think such a foolish thought but there is delight in seeing it for what it is. Nonsense.

I am sure this soulless government would be pleased that such a thought slipped through, even if only for a few moments.

Since I picked up the baton in 2012 and chose to do what I could to expose the vicious agenda of this awful government, it was my humanity that was speaking out and for which, as so many of us have, I’ve paid a price.

So many have died, too many taking their own lives, but they did not lose their humanity. They gave up their lives, but never their humanity, their despair was their humanity crying, driven beyond endurance by the brutality of a government without care or conscience.

The only people who’ve have lost their humanity are those who were ‘elected to serve’, yet chose despotism, nepotism and greed over care and compassion.

No one can take back what others have forsaken in themselves, that responsibility lies entirely with them and no one else.

Something unexpected happened whilst I was writing the letters to Cameron, I was overwhelmed by the care and love of those who befriended me, for each other and for me. It rose up like blooms in a desert under a gentle rain of loving kindness, something which is innate in us.

And here’s the thing, the darker it gets the more we shine, and that is exactly how it should be and how it is.

Sure, we need a revolution, just not on their terms of bloodshed and horror. We need a revolution of the heart, we must shine brighter than ever before and, you know what, they have no answer to that other than their continuing mindless out pouring of hate, which makes a lot of noise but cannot ever truly succeed as long as we live.

They do have real political power, but they use it like playground bullies.

Their power is different to ours, who must endure through good times and bad. I wish there were more autobiographies of ordinary people and tales of the utmost endurance under the oppression of those of the elites who have no regard for our lives.

In my life I have met many quiet heroes who have made me a better man. People who have taught me and encouraged me to grow beyond the confines of crippling mental illness. I owe debts of gratitude to so many who would not even acknowledge my debt, who helped gladly because that’s just the kind of people they are.

Taking back our humanity? Not even close, Keith.

We’re already amazing, perhaps I should do more to hold that thought against any who attempt to denigrate us for their own ends. That would be more honest and worthy of my time.

Happy Easter, a religious festival of resurrection and a secular festival of spring, bunnies and chocolate eggs. In closing I’d like to leave you this beautiful video of Paul Simon and Miriam Makeba – Under African Skies (Live from The African Concert, 1987) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85rr5SqrCZI

KOG. 31 March 2018

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