Ten week Universal Credit start delay, rent arrears as a result, advance loan repayments, tax credit debt…Debt is built in to Universal Credit

The excerpts below are from another interview I recorded last week at Oldham foodbank. I’ll post the full transcript when I’ve finished it. The interview below was with an Oldham woman called Michelle, 38. Michelle had two daughters aged 13 and 17. I post this to make the point again that Universal Credit is designed […]

“Luckiest woman in world” says she ‘cured’ terminal cancer with cannabis oil and won £84k while stoned along the way

A woman has claimed cannabis oil cured her terminal cancer. Joy Smith started taking the illegal drug after doctors told her she had only six weeks to live. Joy, from Coventry, claims it destroyed the inoperable tumours. She is now close to getting the all clear from doctors. The 52-year-old is now campaigning to legalise […]

Husband of anti-cannabis UK Drugs Minister grows cannabis

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This is Tory MP Victoria Atkins MP, the UK minister responsible for drugs policy: Atkins strongly and totally opposes the use of cannabis for either medical or recreational use and supports the government’s hard-line position that there is ‘no therapeutic value’ in cannabis. For example, Ms Atkins spoke out forcefully against deregulation of…

When conformity means death, survival means non-conformity

I have the enormous privilege of being a transvestite, although this is the first time I have called it a privilege when for much of my life it has been painfully difficult. In these incredibly dark days of humanity, my alter ego, Joanna, has become a solace, a haven and an unexpected yet incredible ally. […]

‘Activate’ for right of centre bigotry and hate

On 1st March 2018 Activate UK, which proclaims it is ‘Actively engaging young people in the right of centre politics’, posted the following Tweet on Twitter: “As the cold settles in and the national gas supply is running low we are hearing horrific stories… All across the country, Socialists are being forced to put their […]

Homelessness…think on!

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Cold winds blow, white snow flies…been moved on from warmth by the revenue guys… twas only a doorway of a closed down shop… but it was out of the snow …and most of the wind had stopped…”a thousand pounds” one said to me “is what you’ll be charged if we see…your…

Disability Income Guarantee abolished under Universal Credit rules – a sly and cruel cut

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Many of us have said previously that the government’s ‘flagship’ policy, Universal Credit (UC), is about implementing further cuts to welfare support by stealth. However, the loss of income to disabled people through hidden cuts has been under-reported.  Despite the systematic cuts to support that was originally calculated to…