No more running for the shelter of my daily little helpers

Dear friends, I would like to apologise for my long silence. It’s not over yet, but I do feel able to say a few things for now. I am ageing hippy and one of lifes basket cases who has struggled all my life. I started smoking at the age of 10 and I have been […]

Exposed: The worldwide hypocritical stance by successive UK ministers on women’s rights and their pensions

Originally posted on Westminster Confidential:
The logo of the convention on the elimination of discrimination against women EXCLUSIVE TO THIS BLOG AND BYLINE.COM A damning academic expert opinion on successive UK government’s failure to meet its international obligations to  1950s women hit by the rise in the pension age is to be presented in court…

Meet Liam and Michelle. It’s time to listen to the voices of homeless people about the fatal flaws of Universal Credit

Originally posted on Politics and Insights:
On Wednesday, I travelled down to Westminster to meet with John McDonnell, Margaret Greenwood, Mike Amesbury and Marsha de Cordova and a group of disability rights campaigners, journalists, researchers and organisations. One of the issues we discussed during the meeting was the harm and distress that the roll out…