Healthcare is a human right, but now it feels like a privilege

Little lady, big voice

moving ambulance

Last night my partner was very ill. This normally fit and well 30-something doubled up in agony (a score of 9 he said) and I felt pretty useless. I don’t drive so I couldn’t make the trip up to hospital, and to be frank it would have been a near impossibility for him to stand anyway; doubled up on the floor in agony, barely able to speak.

What made most sense in this situation, what was probably glaringly obvious in fact, was that I should call an ambulance. And yet, I more than hesitated. I delayed, ignored, waited until the moans became more frequent – then I finally caved and dialled those three numbers which are quite literally a lifeline.

Why did I wait? Why did I watch someone I love suffer? Maybe there is an innate reluctance to ask for help. We are British after all, (stiff upper lip…

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