Writing from the Brink

As a fellow addict (now clean and dealing with that), I have nothing but admiration for the ultimate life battle to get clean. I wish Rupert nothing but love on the journey. Peace brother.

Rupert Dreyfus

Dear All,

Where to even begin? Firstly thanks for your patience and kind messages. Apologies to everyone who I haven’t yet got back to. A huge apology to Jason for not being able to collect his mail and to Casey Kiser and Johnny Scarlotti for my absence after they included me in their fantastic poetry collection. Truth is life behind the scenes has hurtled out of control. In the last two months I’ve had another breakdown, have attempted suicide, been placed under the crisis team, talked my way out of being sectioned, have declined a bed on the psych ward and have run away from rehab.

I’m Rupert and I’m a poly addict. Clearly. Anyone who reads my books won’t be too surprised. They are littered with drugs. My own life is the same story and, using NA terminology, has become completely unmanageable. Addiction runs in my family; both…

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