B R O K E–New Novel About Life Under Tory Britain– OUT NOW! (Plus an Update on Me)

Wishing you love for the journey Rufus.

Rupert Dreyfus

My new novel about inequality in present day, miserable Tory Britain is now available here.

Here’s the lowdown:

After years of austerity, life for many people in the UK has been reduced to a treadmill of zero-hour contracts, mounting debts and a crippling anxiety as to where the money is going to come from to pay the next bill. Meanwhile the filthy rich keep adding more and more zeros to their bank balances.

Oscar Knight knows this better than anyone. Juggling two unreliable jobs, he finds himself resorting to ever more desperate measures to keep a roof above his head. As the cracks continue to grow, he finally visits one of London’s most ruthless loan sharks. When this quick fix plan backfires, he realises that only a miracle can save him. And then the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself in the unlikeliest of ways.

Can Oscar do the…

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