DWP is not engaging with expert calls for change to Universal Credit says Select Committee

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The Work and Pensions Committee is today launching a new inquiry into what the Government calls “natural migration”: the process by which people claiming existing benefits move onto Universal Credit if they have a change in their circumstances. Universal Credit has now been rolled out to every Jobcentre in…

Cry freedom!

It is a very strange thing, the slave trade was abolished with the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act by the British Parliament in 1807, however it took until the 1833 Slavery Abolition Act to end slavery itself. [1]. This was achieved by giving slave owners £20 million compensation (about £16 billion today) for the […]

Single parent, zero hour contract. Two wages in one month, universal credit stopped. Forced to go without any payments for at least ten weeks.

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Dear readers, I’ll be blatantly honest with you. Today was awful, really difficult and wasn’t helped by a person insisting that universal credit is the best thing ever. The conversation went on for about fifteen minutes and took me away from helping people. It’s not hard to…

Leaked document reveals how government are micromanaging public perceptions of the government’s austerity programme

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A leaked dossier, apparently a joint study by the Cabinet Office and Department for Work and Pensions, states: “Austerity and its fall-out undermined perceptions of competence and the belief that [the government is] acting fairly, openly and with integrity.” The damning document was accidentally disclosed by an unnamed person who revealed…

Financial advisors and millionaires are preparing for a Labour government led by Corbyn

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Back in 2013, I wrote an article, together with Richard Murphy, director of Tax Research UK, which was about a chilling proto-fascist document written by JP Morgan – it can be accessed here: The Euro Area Adjustment—About Half-Way There. Firstly, the authors said that ‘financial measures’ are ‘necessary’ to ensure that…

Amber Rudd seems confused about the difference between ‘compassion’ and ‘conscious cruelty’

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Image courtesy of Getty Images. Last week, Amber Rudd made the claim that Universal Credit is “delivered with professionalism and care and compassion.” However, it is clear – in the words of the public accounts committee, last year – that there is a very real “culture of indifference” within the Department for…