The power of uncertainty – Tory abuse

When injustice becomes law, Resistance becomes duty. Che Guevara

One of the most despicable psychological weapons that the government uses extensively, and nowhere more intensely than the benefits system under the abomination that is Universal Credit, is uncertainty.

Britain is in the grip of catastrophic uncertainty planned and executed by the Tories, from Brexit to Universal Credit, to pensions, our NHS, GP’s and front line services, to bullshit jobs in the gig economy, no access to legal aid and law, benefit sanctions, insecure housing, insecure education and putting people in debt for life, destroying support for disability, mobility and care services, and refugees and immigration.

Unless you are amongst the few that the Tories actively support through subsidies, grants, tax breaks [1] and quantitative easing [2], you are almost certainly experiencing uncertainty and insecurity of one form or another.

The path of ‘progress’ has led to money becoming the means of survival for the vast majority of people. We rent out our bodies for money and instead of being makers and producers for ourselves and families, we’ve become earners and it is now abundantly clear what a dangerous trade that can be. It forces people into intense vulnerability because we have lost control of the means of our survival.

There is a well know saying, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’. This is a lot more serious than it may appear. If we have no control over the manufacture and supply of the one thing above all others that we depend on to survive, we are intensely vulnerable to any government or organisation that decides to restrict access to money in order to control our lives.

This kind of uncertainty kills. The Tories are forcing precariousness on us. Not knowing where the next meal is coming from, the fear of losing the shelter and protection of a home, the rise of precariousness drives the rise in uncertainty and doing this to people is despicable beyond words.

From 2010, David Cameron showed us the way it was going to be, although we needed to wait for the policies that would prove the lies. Since 2010 the lies have been continuous, with ministers lying to parliament with impunity. There’s nothing like lies to create insecurity and uncertainty [3].

Now here’s a thing, the ‘powers that be’ love to dominate, telling us how we ought to live our lives according to them, but not like them. The privileges of the wealthy elites are not for the likes of us, one of those ‘privileges’ being self-determination. Democracy is messy, self-determination is messy, respecting others and honouring their right to life, freedom of expression and assembly, is messy. These things don’t fit in the little boxes of those who presume to judge and know what is best for us. They are responsible for the chaotic lives of people struggling to survive in poverty, a criminal social condition imposed from above. Poverty is violence, but the profits from poverty are immense.

The violence of poverty strikes brutally at the very heart of life, depriving people of any quality of being, hurting and harming people, both physically and mentally. Poverty is a driving force of uncertainty, it is an economic weapon designed to suppress and control the masses. It is the imposition of misery by those who have everything and have never known a moment of want, but almost certainly exposed to appalling human neglect to make of them such monsters who presume to rule over the lives others with casual brutality.

People like Theresa May and her government for the privileged and wealthy, care nothing for our lives or our well being. They sell our health services to satisfy their greed, they oppose making houses fit for human habitation, even those they personally own and rent out. Everything is for their benefit, and for the rest of us, not even the certainty of a roof over our heads or a meal to eat.

Read through the human rights act [4]. The government is breaking the law every single day in millions of people’s lives. The just about coping are staring into the abyss, no matter where we turn, Theresa May’s hostile environment awaits, whatever our situation is, the Tories have spent years plotting how to make it worse. We are firmly into Orwell territory now, where making work pay means workers will always pay, by not having enough to live on, not enough hours, no protections or collective bargaining in the workplace.

It is as if the Tories firmly believe that ordinary people have a duty to pay rent for the right to live. There are no rewards in life outside of grind and toil, no tax rewards or free government handouts. The world exists for the wealthy and powerful, the entire system is rigged for the accumulation of wealth by the few at the expense of the many. Not only so, but the propaganda press persuade us that we serve and even vote for the aristocracy of greed and privilege and to despise the life of Oliver Twist, who deserves his life of poverty, and who must be beaten and broken if he dares to ask for more.

There can be few things more personally insulting than having wealthy, privileged people talking over our lives telling us that we’re inadequate human beings for being poor or of modest means, and telling us we can’t cook, budget, or manage money. Managing poverty is a full-time task, and by full time I mean every moment spent awake, whatever dreams people may have, poverty is a constant living nightmare.

When the children of privilege pretend they know best how to live our lives, with their finger pointing patrimony, what they deserve is a hearty slap because they have stepped way beyond rude and into insulting people’s intelligence and speaking over their lives whilst knowing absolutely nothing about them [5]. Patronising people is a deadly insult, it is dismissive, arrogant, rude, self-centred and self-focused and of absolutely no use to its victims, who are dehumanised, demeaned, ignored and abused, by those with too much privilege to spare one moment of humanity and humility for the plight of others.

There is no argument to be had with such people, they are immune to joined up thinking, trapped in their own hypocrisy, prisoners of privilege which they think they so richly deserve. There is no debate to be had with people who are convinced of their right to interfere in the lives of others. They may be the preferred guests on Question Time, hammering out the establishment line, assured in their assumptions, backed by the billionaire media, but they are of no real, practical, earthly use. That has always been the problem with the wealthy aristocracy, they are (fancy dressed) parasites on the poor with no respect for the lives of ordinary people.

What possessed them to take it to the limit and launch this cull on poor, sick and disabled people (in particular) and the destruction of the healthy functioning of the state for the benefit of all, I cannot begin to guess, but the game is up, all they have done is prove their own vileness and worthlessness.

Who dares sow uncertainty? What kind of political party makes people less secure and cheers as they do it as if they are achieving some noble end of impoverishment, fear and untimely death? No!

There is only one question remaining, when can we draw this hellish chapter of human degradation to an end? The people are democracy and the Tories are trying to shut us down by killing us off and driving us to despair and suicide [6]. There is no excuse for such brutality. The Tories must go!







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