Democracy – not for me?

It’s my CLP’s right to select their representative. They don’t owe me their loyalty no matter what I do. Rather, I owe them MY loyalty, because I am the beneficiary of their work and their votes in selecting me as candidate.

Disappointed Idealist

In 2017, I was the candidate for Labour here on the Isle of Wight. One day I may share some anecdotes, but to be honest, John O’Farrell got there first, and he’s much funnier than me. Since the election, I’ve been the main spokesperson for the CLP, and since June last year, the Chair, trying to maintain our profile in the local media, and to keep the Tory council and Tory MP honest. Or at least as honest as Tories get. If Theresa May were to go for another walk and call an election, then I may well throw my hat into the ring to be considered as Labour candidate once more.

I may not be selected by the CLP though. They may choose someone else to try and topple the Tories.

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