Life yearns to live

I am not sure how I feel about the world we now live in. We’re in a dead end street of political fuckery that looks like a bunch of morons planning the end of the world.

Our children take a day off school to protest about the suffering planet that is their home and they are roundly trashed by the establishment as children who are too stupid to know what they are talking about or opportunistic little shits just up for playing truant or who should just do as they are told. Personally, I think they should be given the vote (currently 18 in the UK), because they cannot possibly do worse than the clusterfuck that over 18’s have made of the world and which our children will inherit [1].

Someone on Twitter said of the children taking action, they are flouting authority and without authority, there will be chaos. That is everything that is wrong with authoritarians everywhere. They don’t trust people and wholly believe we must be controlled and directed. How’s that working out for the good of all then?

As the political landscape becomes ever more authoritarian, discussion becomes ever more puerile and facile. The default position of authoritarians is contempt for the electorate, this is nowhere more obvious than in the behaviour of the DWP towards its clients. The imposition of sanctions is, above all else, a sign of contempt for those suffering such extreme punishments as depriving people of their entire income and the presumption that all ill and disabled people are malingerers and frauds [2]. They also claim that work is a ‘health outcome’, an entirely bogus belief for which there is no empirical evidence, but it serves a broader deceitful objective of dismantling social security. Thus, government intervention becomes ever more punitive, cruel and draconian [3].

This weekend has been brutally heavy, I am sick and tired of all this. My heart is like a lead weight inside me.

I am not just a socialist by temperament, I am an anarchist-socialist. Anarchy has, predictably, a really bad press which is unsurprising given that it means: ‘Belief in the abolition of all government and the organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis without recourse to force or compulsion.’ Anarchy does not mean living without rules, as it is portrayed in order to undermine it, but living without rulers and those who, with enormous arrogance and contempt, presume to be our masters.

It is almost unthinkable that we could do without government, yet there would still be a role for elected/qualified bodies to oversee country wide issues and human needs like transport, health, energy and water, even policing etc. appointed by the people in a bottom up process, without the imposition of paternalistic governance.

I regard the individual as a sovereign life, but that necessarily involves consideration of and for others. A sovereign being is not just a hedonistic selfish creep (think Ayn Rand, the failed individualist), trying to get one over on everyone else. We already have a natural model, family, in which the vulnerable are protected and supported and adults work together for the benefit of all the family. It is unsurprising, though utterly vile, that the Tories are doing everything they can to destroy the family, forcing both parents into work and kids into nurseries.

I am not even being pie in the sky or a utopian. The reality of human bonding and care is there for all to see. The morons are at the top, it was Margaret Thatcher who said, ‘There’s no such thing as society.’ Which is utter horseshit, but families and communities are a threat to those whose doctrine is greed and selfishness. It requires enormous energy and wealth to undermine people’s natural inclinations to care, nurture and support each other. That’s what the billionaire media does, day in day out, constantly forcing their message down our throats. It is a forced desecration of the human condition, which is naturally based on bonding and love. What kind of bastards would want to try to break our bonds of family and social unity? The bastards who rule our nation, that’s who.

A dear friend recently wrote the following to me: ‘All those eggs… What must the odds be when one little sperm slides into one egg and POW. Hail, babe, and well met. What are the chances that any of us ‘become’? Startled by nature, the amazing everydayness of nature. Amazing.’

How about that, eh? How about that? That’s bigger than all the fuckery by a country mile. And they don’t like it. Well fuck them! And not in a nice way.

If those who make up the establishment cannot understand life or respect the living, they are of no use to wo/man nor beast, their inability to value life is their own condemnation. They are entirely useless.

We are better than this, exquisitely made for this amazing thing called life.

Keith Ordinary Guy. 20 February 2019.




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