Your No Licence Needed claim expires soon. Please get in touch

Letter to BBC Licencing

Dear TV Licensing,

Thank you for your “Your No Licence Needed claim expires soon. Please get in touch’ letter as my ‘No Licence Needed’ expires: May 2019.

I appreciate that you need to check if my No Licence Needed circumstances have changed. The answer is no, I am still, in law, under the presumption of innocence, under no obligation to prove my innocence in any circumstances.

However, just to clarify matters, I would also like taken into consideration, for the record and to save time, the presumption of innocence of thousands of other crimes I have not committed, including – murder, rape, shoplifting, theft or fraud, espionage, speeding, robbery, breaking and entering, knife crimes, no licence needed to hold a gun licence and taking candy from children.

If you feel the need to send one of your excellent Enquiry Officers round, I would be happy to deny them entry to my home and to explain, as I have in the past, that I do not have to prove my innocence, as that is not lawful and that they are an unwelcome intrusion here at my home.

I note on your website the following regarding your letters: ‘If no response is received from an address, the tone of the letters progressively becomes stronger to encourage a reply. Sometimes a stronger message is required for people to comply with their legal obligation.’ I wonder if this ‘legal obligation’ is similar to the BBC’s legal obligation under its Charter to: ‘do all we can to ensure controversial subjects are treated with due impartiality in our news and other output dealing with matters of public policy or political or industrial controversy.’ Frankly, you have been falling down on the job dismally and BBC bias is fast becoming the stuff of (what will soon be) legend. I see many snippets on social media which merely confirm my desire to have nothing to do with you. The BBC is accountable to those who pay the TV licence fee and who should rightly and rigorously hold you to account.

Happily, I defenestrated my last television over 20 years ago and I actively encourage others to do the same as the broadcast media in the UK has become little more than state propaganda which deserves neither our time nor our tolerance.

Yours sincerely,

6 thoughts on “Your No Licence Needed claim expires soon. Please get in touch

  1. With Orwell-speak they call it “nudge”. Telling people they could get a criminal record, have to go to court and get fined £1000 for not having a licence is more in the region of extortion in my view. I gave up on the tv years ago. I don’t have one, but I do have a licence. These days if you have any device that can receive a signal, such as internet access on a phone, they have you. As it happens I don’t have a phone or internet access, but I don’t trust people who use such heavy tactics. They could call round, demand entry and just happen to have a tiny phone which picks up tv – The chances of proving innocence are about nil. All they want is your money. The tv licence is just a stealth tax. It should be abolished. I resent being forced to contribute to the govt propaganda and brainwashing machine. I have signed every e-petition to have the licence abolished, but recently I noticed they will no longer host petitions for abolition.

    1. Just for the record, Enquiry Officers have no right of entry to people’s homes. This is from the TV Licensing website: “Enquiry officers do not have any legal powers to enter your home without a search warrant granted by a magistrate (or sheriff in Scotland). They (like other members of the public) rely on an implied right in common law to call at a property as far as the door, while going about their lawful business and making their presence known. Enquiry officers must explain to the occupier of the premises why they are visiting, be polite, courteous and fair, and abide by rules of conduct.

      You have no obligation to grant entry to an enquiry officer if you don’t wish to do so. If refused entry by the occupier, the enquiry officer will leave the property.”

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