Pride's Purge

Posted by Guy Matthews on Facebook:

Just been told by a UKIP type that I don’t understand the white working class concerns.

I live in a council house in the East Midlands. I’m a Labour member. I’m a union member. I work long hard hours and make sweet fuck all. My mum was a cleaner and my dad was a groundsman at a stately home. I never went to university because I was too busy trying to negotiate the drug epidemic that plagued ex-pit towns after the Tories destroyed them. Oh yeah, and I’m from white Anglo-Saxon Protestant stock on both sides of the family. That’s pretty fucking quintessentially white working class. Am I proud of it? Not really. It’s just stuff that happened to me for the most part. I’d much rather have been born in Kensington and called Herbert Fotherington-Smythe III, Viscount of West Surrey. I probably…

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