Of rich and poor

They hang the man and flog the woman
Who steals the goose from off the common
Yet let the greater villain loose
That steals the common from the goose

It’s impossible to see ourselves as other people see us.

Our lives are unimportant to the Tories and those who have power over us.

Why do they want to destroy us?

Surely it isn’t just wealth and resources?

They make the money and they can deprive us of it, and do, but it is not about the money. Money is just a means to an end.

We get distracted by money because we need it.

They tell us endless lies. Of course they do, because whatever the truth is they don’t want us to know it. They purposely withhold the truth from us because it would be intolerable to us and would cause outrage, unrest and civil disturbance and they don’t want the inconvenience. So, for them, it is better to lie.

I have no idea how they think or what they think. I have no access to their way of thinking. All I have are clues contained in their actions and their effects.

That’s all I was doing with ‘A letter a day’, reading clues and piecing parts of the jigsaw together.

There are vast differences and distances between us. We work for money – money works for the wealthy.

It is impossible for me to know what that’s like; to be so removed from the need for money that I don’t even have to think about it, as I have thought about it all my life.

Do you see? Do you see? It is a completely different way of thinking and being. Completely!

Imagine not knowing the need for money. Never even having to think about it, never having to write these words. I can’t even imagine it.

So, in whatever way they think about us, it is impossible for me to think like them.

The people who go to Davos. I have no idea what they think and they don’t want me to know. Yet their secrets shape the world, our entire world, great and small.

I call them corrupt – and they are, beyond my wildest dreams, but for them, they are completely normal… Their lies and contempt for us and their perfectly normal extreme privileges. Just like their wealth.

Here’s me in my adequate little rented house and them in their mansions.

Our lives are in their hands and they truly are.

They don’t need to steal from us, but they do. And I have no idea why.

KOG. 27 May 2019.

8 thoughts on “Of rich and poor

  1. I just said i like this piece…but “like” isn’t the right word. I feel the truth of it and, as always, i admire your way of expressing what i feel…but i don’t like the truth of your words.
    Good morning! x

    1. Thank you Ashara. I understand the ‘like’ dilemma. Where’s the ‘I get it’ button? I would like to tidy this up a bit because it was really a series of thoughts whilst driving, stopping in laybys, industrial estates, car parks and so on, to get the next thought down over an hour or so. Just following the thoughts, which happens quite a lot when I’m driving. I hope you are well. xx

  2. Oh, the why do they do it question…..I cannot bear to consider it right now either. Hope you are ok Keith.

  3. It has taken me a lifetime to realise that the rulers and middle class hate the working class. Why? A lot of it is jealousy. They are the haves and they think they are entitled to everything. The aristos of old were notorious for paying debts of honour but doing everything possible to swindle tradesmen and retailers out of their bills. They think they are innately superior so when they see any aspect in a lower status person, they think they should have that quality – they will try to steal it and if they can’t destroy it. They “suffer” if that is the word from a superiority complex. They are not jealous, obviously of the bad stuff, the exploitation labour, the living in overpriced bad housing, like burglars they just try and take anything of value (as in medieval times the lord took every livestock from the peasants which had superior value). they havn’t changed. But for the poor, those few things of value, those rare talents are the things which lift a dismal existence into a life worth having. Their avarice has no boundaries and they class everyone outside their gilded circle as less valuable than animals – only valued to the extent to which they can exploit us.

    Discovering that you are hated, just for being, is tricky to adjust to. What has been the point of all those honest, hard working working class people who make everything that we need to live – the buildings, the roads, the plumbing, electrical supply, the bridges, the tunnels, the trains, grow and process the food, make the clothes, do the work we all need – everything which lifts our lives above that of animals – only to be cheated at every turn and despised?

    We are heading for self desctruction thanks to our despicable rulers, their policies and their “values”. For us slaves, maybe it will be the only way we could have ever escaped dismal lives under their control. Let’s hope they lose as much as they have forced us to lose.

  4. My thoughts are that the ruling class created the middle class as a buffer between them and the workers,afterall the middle classes would step on the throat of every worker who tried to step up into that class,leaving the upper classes’ hands clean.
    Time for pitchforks perhaps?

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