The rage of life for life

I’ve worked out why I am so angry, because I’ve been wondering. I am so angry I could rip my fucking face off. Now why would I want to mutilate myself with rage?

I’ve been doing this for over 50 years, from when I was a hippy in my teens and handing out flowers on the streets, smoking pot and learning to love life and wanting to stop making wars and live for peace, man!

And, you know what, I was right, and it wasn’t just me, it was millions of us. We were fucking right, man! There’s even a song, ‘The Dirty Fucking Hippies Were Right’ [1]. I don’t know when it was released or even who wrote it, but it needed writing, because we were right.

And did the world listen to us? No! No the world did not listen to us. The world had capitalism and the world loved capitalism and was drunk on greed and wars and hate and racism and PROFIT!

The corporations ran the world then and they still run it. Am I right? Of course I’m fucking right. I’ve had 68 years to learn that, just as I’ve had that same 68 years to learn if I was wrong. Well I wasn’t wrong. I just learned over all those years to be more eloquently right, to be more reasoned, to have depth and breadth and passion for what’s RIGHT!

We were so fucking right it hurt and it still hurts! That’s why I could rip my face off, it hurts that much.

It hurts because we had (no such thing as society) Thatcher and her man-child Blair and his illegal war, we had David austerity Cameron, then Theresa no magic money tree May and now we have Boris bastard Johnson and his evil twin Donald fucking Trump!

The corporations won and they are still winning. They are so drunk on their greed and wealth and Earth raping and profit and wars, endless wars, just like always.

And now they are killing us in our own countries, our first world countries, as well as all their killing in third world countries and middle eastern countries that have all the resources, but never enough resources to satisfy their greed. So now they are killing us off in our hundreds of thousands. Denying us wages, pensions, food, benefits, houses, health care, doctors, justice and legal aid. Denying us peace in our lives.

They’ve bought the third world gig-economy home and the majority of working people can’t even earn enough to keep themselves alive, whereas, when I was a kid, a man could keep a family on one wage.

In my lifetime, women entered the work place and what did the capitalist class do? They suppressed wages so that a family now has to depend on both parents working because the sweat from our bodies is used to swell their profits, but we get peanuts. We work for our poverty and poverty is the greatest violence.

I’ve seen it all, lived through it all, shouted, screamed, protested, worked and endlessly repeated myself, shouting the same message, crying out for social justice and now they are stealing every advance we’ve made over those long years. They are stealing the last resources of the earth and the last of our human resources and rights because they can never have enough, they can never, ever, be satisfied.

Am I wrong? No, of course I’m not wrong!

Was Tony Benn wrong when he said, “Every generation must fight the same battles again and again. There’s no final victory and there’s no final defeat”?

No, because it’s true. The ruling classes force us to fight the same battles in every generation because they are insatiably greedy and they don’t care how many people they kill for greed.

We are ruled by the least among us! The planet is losing its ability to sustain life because of stupid, moronic, greedy, filthy rich and filthy cowardly MEN (mostly)!

Watch them mock Greta Thunberg, it’s like the Roman Colosseum where they threw the innocents to the lions. I was Greta Thunberg and I have been Greta Thunberg all my life. I haven’t failed, as she will not fail. It’s the rich, aristocratic, robbing bastards who are the failures, then as now.

Those who reduce life to slavery, this tiny gift we are each given for a brief span of years in which we are forced to serve the greed of a tiny minority of life stealing bastards.

Look at Boris Johnson and see the chosen one of greed. So bold now that he has pissed on what we thought of as democracy.

That’s why I am angry, because despite everything I have ever and always stood for and fought for, life is worse now than when I was a boy and to see Britain and America, in particular, in the hands of such evil worthless bastards is more pain than I know how to deal with.

My hands clench like claws and all I want to do is claw my own face off in utter, gut wrenching, sick revulsion.

We should have won by now, but we haven’t and people still vote for the skull fucking Tories.

The saying is so old now – like turkeys voting for Christmas!

They learnt from Hitler and don’t bother with ovens, they kill is in our own homes.

And if we’ve already lost our homes, they kill us on the streets simply by holding their fingers over the spigot, stopping the money supply, our means of survival, and laugh as they starve us to death.

That is the promise of Boris Johnson and his no deal Brexit, a chance to kill off more of us and revel in their stolen, plundered, wealth.

Love and peace are essential to the survival of the human race and they fear that above all else. That is all.

Keith Ordinary Guy. 30 August 2019.


4 thoughts on “The rage of life for life

  1. I empathise with every word Keith, I too feel the pain, frustration, despair at he callous indifference to our suffering and degradation Tory policies have wrought … They are deliberate and calculated … A heinous cull of the ‘useless eaters’ our sick, disabled, elderly and the vulnerable and I BURN with a FEROCIOUS ANGER which is eating me alive ! …

  2. I too share your anger and frustration after years of working with people of working class to enable them regain themselves from the oppression put on them by their teachers,bosses, Political ‘leaders’ etc.And it worked, for those we empowered so those same ‘leaders’ removed the youth service, community workers, benefit advisers etc to ensure their dominance was not interrupted Hence I empathise totally

  3. I agree with every word. I am afraid our rage makes us ill. It needs to be released. Or we need to go inside and ignore it. Each choice has consequences. I am torn between them.


    Alex x


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