From the Zinoviev letter to Richard Dearlove’s comments about Jeremy Corbyn: MI6 have a long history of interfering with UK politics & democracy

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? Sir Richard Dearlove, controversial former head of MI6, who was “senior advisor” to the Monitor Group – a consultancy and private equity firm which has been scandalously implicated in undertaking three million pounds worth PR work for the Libyan regime and Muammar Gaddafi A controversial  former MI6 chief, Sir Richard Dearlove,…

Opinion polls are being used to influence public opinion rather than simply measuring it

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A ‘snap poll’ published by YouGov has found ‘viewers split on who won ITV general election debate‘ and states that Boris Johnson narrowly won among 1.646 respondents polled. However, the date and time on the page highlighting the poll result is one hour and ten minutes before the debate started at…

What has socialism ever done for us?

Competition is the law of the jungle, but cooperation is the law of civilization – Peter Kropotkin Many, many years ago, before bog rolls, condoms and Pet Rocks were invented, people discovered a remarkable thing. They didn’t call it anything, or if they did, there is no record because records hadn’t been invented. In fact […]