Another Brick in the Wall

Postcards from the Hedge

Let’s be honest – school is shite.

Can anyone here say that they enjoyed the experience? I loved primary school, land of dressing up and paints and stories and fun assemblies and putting on little plays. But secondary. Jesus. What a nightmare. I remember standing in the biology room at the end of the day, waiting for the bell to go, chairs were up. I was in the second year (year 8 for you youngsters) and it suddenly occurred to me that I had a whole three and half years left of this crushing monotony.

Many years later I became a teacher in a secondary school. I didn’t last long. Backstage was even worse than I thought. Half the teachers got pissed at lunchtime and the other half spent their lives screaming at year 11 boys to take their coats off on entering the sacred walls.

My eldest son was…

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