¡No Pasarán!

I am changing how and in what way I engage with politics. Politics have become as psychologically toxic to life and living as food poisoning is to our physical well being and, like rotten food, modern politics stinks to high heaven and I have no desire to eat the daily crud which oozes from Westminster like a deadly virus.

I have been aware for some time now of the need to engage with harm reduction but I have been politically engaged for so many years that I now find myself drawn back in out of habitual engagement and, as a creature of habit, it isn’t easy to reprogramme myself.

Politics in recent years have become a toxic cesspool of lies and deception and I am forced to question how much I need to affirm that on a daily basis with every twist and turn of outright and outrageous corruption. One of the problems of that kind of engagement is the insidious process of acclimatisation, which is itself a toxic process of self harm.

I have said many times that the rise of Thatcherite new Labour extinguished the light at the end of the tunnel. Socialism was, to all intents and purposes, dead. The Blair years turned into an epic betrayal, not least from the war of aggression that was the illegal invasion of Iraq. Labour, under Blair, as George Dubya’s poodle, committed the supreme war crime (under the Nuremberg Principles) on a pack of lies. In fact, every US war since WWII has been a war of aggression, which has now become the accepted basis of war for which 10 high-ranking Nazi officials were executed by hanging in the gymnasium of Nuremberg Prison.

From 2012 I documented daily the predations of the coalition government under David Cameron and his lap dog Nick Clegg as they began the dismantling and privatisation of the UK, and the DWP under the bestial master of terror, Iain Duncan Smith, began dismantling the welfare state and the eradication of poor, ill and disabled people.

Their crimes are very well documented and I have no need to expand on them here, that is not the purpose of this piece.

What is significant is the incredible rise and betrayal of Jeremy Corbyn, twice overwhelmingly elected Leader of the Labour party, betrayed on all sides, not least from within Labour, and the hysteria of the manufactured witch hunt against him and for which I and many other activists are now excluded from the Labour party.

We have descended into a cess pool of filth which is a danger to the life and well being of millions of ordinary people in Britain and in which hundreds of thousands of decent ordinary folk are now dead. [1] [2]

I am 69 and I am tired of being raging angry, tired of being politically impotent, tired of being abused by government, tired of the politics of greed in which political and corporate criminals (crooks in suits) get away with murdering us for profit. I am sick of the disease of politics and self serving bastards. It’s no way to live and even worse, that this is all being done deliberately with malice aforethought (the intention to kill or harm, which distinguishes murder from unlawful killing).

That is Britain today and the burning issue is how we survive this imposition of hell on earth in a country in which millions support the most vile government in living memory and in which hate crimes have doubled in 5 years perpetrated by mindless thugs who swallow Tory lies and hate like breakfast cereal. [3]

Many years ago I had a website called ‘Creators not Consumers’, the name speaks for itself and yet it requires some explanation. I am a creative artist, its been in me since birth. though repressed and punished throughout my school days, but it is a fire that cannot be extinguished and burns bright to this day. It has a presence inside me, a tangible thing like a lighthouse or beacon. It has survived depression, addiction, self loathing and incredibly low self esteem, but self loathing and low self esteem are learned behaviours, imposed from without by ignorant and toxic people who had no right and no place causing harm for heaven knows what malicious reasons. I have survived them all, the fire inside me still burns bright. I am glad I am me and I like who I am and, after so many years of battle, no one can take that away from me.

The battle has made me who I am today, it’s made me strong, given me a mind of my own and I count myself among the blessed who can say, “I know who I am.” In this world, tarnished by deceit and deception, broken by liars and thieves in high places, to know who we are is a rare and precious thing. It is unassailable precisely because it comes out of the furnace of experience, tempered by the heat of battle.

Even though I have been accused of being an antisemite, I owe no one an explanation and I require no ones endorsement, and I will not stay anywhere where I am not welcome. My life means more to me than that. I am a maker and a creator, proactive and a deep, profound lover of life and for the rest of my days I shall use my time to celebrate life in a world in which we are punished for doing that. It doesn’t matter. At school, though I did not know it, I was better than my ‘teachers’, better than that environment, where I was a prisoner, held without my consent.

I am no longer that boy, though I cherish him and hold him in my heart, now I am something else, better, bigger, stronger, open to being honest and vulnerable, but never, ever, again, an apologist for my existence.

Fuck them all. We are better than this. We are the better people. We are exactly the people the world needs, the more the darkness looms, the more need for those of us who are true.

The enemy is at the gate, but I will not open it. Our enemies are in Westminster, in truth, far away, though their policies harm us, never surrender.

¡No Pasarán!

Keith Ordinary Guy. 28 February 2020.

[1] https://fearandloathingingreatbritain.wordpress.com/2018/03/30/this-is-genocide/

[2] https://fearandloathingingreatbritain.wordpress.com/2019/05/12/amber-rudd-announces-max-period-of-government-enforced-starvation-of-only-6-months/

[3] https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/oct/15/hate-crimes-double-england-wales

4 thoughts on “¡No Pasarán!

  1. Thank you Fiona, I don’t think we can avoid politics, I strongly support the 60’s feminist expression, ‘the personal is political’. I am just having to reevaluate my engagement. Love and peace my friend.

  2. Rarely do the works of others resonate as deeply with me, maybe because we are of a similar age and have a shared professional background. Regardless I thank you for your words as I struggle to reengage with the world personally xx

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