Tory Genocide – Mission Creep

Hazardous Waste – Tories

Herd Immunity – noun – ‘the resistance to the spread of a contagious disease within a population that results if a sufficiently high proportion of individuals are immune to the disease, especially through vaccination.’
“the level of vaccination needed to achieve herd immunity varies by disease”.

Boris Johnson – herd immunity – do nothing. Let the virus run its course through the population, people will survive or die. Survival of the fittest – Social Darwinism.

Once again, the Tories are looking to eradicating the poorest and weakest people. Coronovirus – the door of opportunity.

There is a tragic consequence to the advances in medical science and health care which have given so many working (lower) class people a better chance of survival and a chance at this precious vulnerable thing called life – the Tories hate it. It means more useless eaters as a burden on society, more people who are unable to ‘make’ a living, more people dependent on health care provision, social care and benefits to survive, even though Britain is one of the richest nations on Earth. This naturally offends the Tory ideology of ‘working stock’ and the sole reason that poor people exist, to work until we drop. To scrape a mean pittance, week after inadequate week, earning our poverty to fund the lavish life styles of the rich and powerful, including many, if not most, MPs.

Nothing highlights the vast inequality and inhumanity in the world today than the plans of the richest man in the world and what he’ll do with his obscene wealth made on the backs of abused, underpaid, workers – Jeff Bezos (Net Worth: $108.6 billion) [1]. In his own words – “The only way that I can see to deploy this much financial resource is by converting my Amazon winnings into space travel. That is basically it.” It never for one moment occurred to him that he could better the lives of others, not even those who made his wealth (winnings) for him.

I think I may have missed Charles Darwin’s paper on the survival of the richest, but, certainly in the minds of the richest, it is a thing, as is blaming the poor for poverty.

As all right thinking people know, the poor demanded exploitation, poverty wages and a minimum wage it is impossible to live on, crashed the global economy and should pay it back, and are responsible for the gig economy, which Damien Green (as Work and Pensions Secretary) hailed as ‘exciting’. He explained – “Just a few years ago the idea of a proper job meant a job that brings in a fixed monthly salary, with fixed hours, paid holidays, sick pay, a pension scheme and other contractual benefits. But the gig economy has changed all that.” [3]

Survival insecurity is a grand and glorious thing, if you’re a Tory (or just plain stupid).

Hopefully the Coronovirus will level the playing field and get rid of millions of the inconvenient, useless, poor.

As one of those who is classed as most at risk, I’d like to take this opportunity to misquote Douglas Adams (who made being alive so much better) – So long, and thanks for all the chips.

KOG. 14 March 2020.




5 thoughts on “Tory Genocide – Mission Creep

  1. Good to hear from you although better circumstances would have been preferable. It is impossible to understand the rich who never seem to have enough and as you say, never consider giving back to society

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