A problem for every solution

That’s our world, the world of our betters and masters, bastard Boris and his sneering, contemptuous, band of thieves.

In the lead up to my recent return from deaths door, I knew I was done with politics. The daily filthy reminders of robbery, contempt and murder by the criminals in power. They are just criminals and their day will come. There is no point fighting a battle I cannot win, so I surrender the ground for a more fruitful battle field where I know we will win. The battle for hearts and minds. That is the real battle and has been for centuries.

It’s time to change the rules of engagement and win. We can, must and will. We’re backed by the entire universe, which is life itself. In every tree, flower, plant, vegetable, in every stone and blade of grass, is abundance. The entirety of nature is the nature of abundance, even whilst under the most sustained attack in history. The battle that threatens to be the last great battle

If I cannot fight the problem then I must be the solution, we all must be the solution, because there’s no one else.

Resistance is fertile, nurture it. In it lies the salvation of the earth. It always has just as it always will. Resistance is a key player in a healthy world, it’s part of the checks and balances.

I am as guilty as the next person, or more properly, hoodwinked, deceived. I was blinded by those who educate us for economic slavery. It seemed too great an enemy and I too dependent on the pittances handed out as they used and abused our bodies for profit.

I did not see that my dismal wages marked the value of my body in their eyes, my entire being, rented out for a pittance. I could not see the grievous insult, wrapped in their lies and deceptions, my duty to provide the sweat of my brow for the economy, for profit, but not mine. A modern day slave reaping none of the rewards which are gathered into the coffers of those who’ve mastered us, broken us, set us against each other, who openly mock us to our faces, so proud of their achievements and our subjugation.

I was educated in school alright, educated by them, educated into the inevitability of economic slavery, educated not to see, not to enquire, but to learn by rote, educated for my assigned role, to know my place on this abundant Earth. The factory, for me, to which I obediently, briefly, went.

But they were not quite successful, I was granted an unexpected and most unlikely gift which I regarded as my enemy in life, my weakness. Depression. relentless, unremitting, acute, depression. Depression which I painfully began to appreciate as a traffic light, seldom green mostly red, crying danger, danger, the danger I had been educated not to see. Depression, a gift from life itself, from my inner being. Nature always seeks to heal itself, we are given that innate ability, an ability I took for granted nearly all my life until a human caused disease, a corruption of nature, attacked my body and my entire immune system. Cancer. And the grandest lie of all, the cause, from the biggest company and supposed champion in the fight against cancer in which it has serially and deliberately failed. The cause of cancer? Age, and the perpetrators of that lie, Cancer Research UK CRUK [2]. Our painstaking development from the short lived suffering of our forebears to longer healthier life killing us? There is not enough water on Earth that will help me swallow that bastard pill.

I specifically asked the question after my diagnosis, “What’s the cause, the specific answer I was given, ‘we are living longer’. 2,056 nuclear test explosions, innocent. The Long Island nuclear meltdown, the Chernobyl disaster, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, not a mention. Our adulterated food, additive rich and processed, to make it ever more profitable, healthy enough for working stock bodies. There’s more, like pollution, but my point is made. Cancer has always been present they told me, but not in 1 in 2 of the population, Cancer Research’s latest prediction or goal, take your pick. It’s a licence to print money and its victims campaign to raise that money. There will be no cure until life itself is cured of the masters of corruption.

They enslaved us with religion and now mock us who find faith, self belief, self worth and goodness.

It’s too late, the genie is out of the bottle, their time has come. Like the dinosaurs, they are already extinct, they just haven’t had the good grace to die yet.

Welcome to the Chautauqua [1] my friends and the journey.

KOG. 03 August 2020

[1] The business of Cancer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_aAbyDc-Lc

[2] A journey begins. https://fearandloathingingreatbritain.wordpress.com/2020/08/01/a-journey-begins/

3 thoughts on “A problem for every solution

  1. The other cause of cancer I think which is overlooked is oestrogen. It’s breathed in from car fumes, eaten through plastic, our bodies manufacture it,

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