No Going Back,The New Normal Is Coming

The new mantra is Rethink, Reskill, ,Reboot or Jobs Jobs Jobs, Build Britain Back, Resilience bullshit. Boris thinks he Churchill but he will go down in history as King Canute .


This month we have seen the stark reality of future issues which has been exacerbated by Covid -19 crisis. This blog is going to be a long non sugar coated one.

We have seen both of main parties reject a citizens income a version of UBI, while others push the idea forward as a panacea to deal with the fallout of Covid 19 and Brexit and an economy that’s in free fall. The gap between rich and poor has never been wider since the great depression.

I would be the first to stick the boot into the Tory government and they have made some serious errors and mismanaged the crisis on a grand scale, but in all fairness we are dealing with an invisible enemy that is wiping out millions of the world’s population and it changes constantly which is not always the governments fault as they try to react…

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